Wednesday, December 30, 2009

We'll Make Our Own Positive PR!

After my last post, about the negative PR Surrogacy gets, my friend Stacie (also a surrogate starting her 2nd Journey) decided to post a paper she wrote about one of the coolest surrogates she knows, besides herself. Who you ask? Really? You need to ask??

Basically, Stacie had a writing assignment in her English class where she had to interview someone and write about it . . . Ladies and Gentlemen . . . I give you, "The Sunny Side of Surrogacy". Oh, and I think "Greg" and "Samir" will love it! LOL.


Here's the horrible article that set me off on the Negative PR post. And below is my email to the author.

Re: The Surrogate Life Wednesday, January 6, 2010 11:22 AM
From: "Kelly Rummelhart"

Saw your article. Have to say I'm glad that you didn't go through being a surrogate. After you have your own kids, if you ever decide to help a couple in need, please let it not be about the money- as you will NEVER have the best experience if you are "renting your womb" versus helping a couple become a family and find a legitimate agency. I've never seen my surrogacy as a "Business Opportunity" but that as helping gay men have the family the deserve.

It would have been nice to see some positive PR about surrogacy, instead of another person with no experience joking and making it negative. I get it, you wanted to come off as funny, quirky, cool. I know, I'm biased so instead of enjoying your article I sat there shaking my head, thinking, "here's another one".

Feel free to visit my blog (below) where you can see what it's like when you can blend humor and surrogacy with a positive outcome.


Kelly's Surrogacy Blog

Monday, December 28, 2009

Where is all the Good PR on Surrogacy??

One of the reasons I try to keep up my blog is to show a continuing, successful Surrogacy journey . . . You know, one where I don't take off with the babies, extort money or the IPs don't end up suing me for breach of contract, etc. It's so hard to find good PR on Surrogacy sometimes. It's like the media has decided to only show the negatives and that really makes me mad. I understand the need to share some possibilities and to remind Intended Parents and Future Surrogates that they need to do their research- but I'd also like to see some positives . . . or does that not sell magazines and papers these days?

Well, I am here to tell you that WE exist. There are plenty of women, like myself, who are psychologically healthy, financially stable, college educated with the desire to help infertile couples become families . . . with proven experience of releasing the children to their families upon birth. So why don't they ever mention us? Why can't they show that Surrogacy can be a great option? Luckily, there are a few blogs and online groups where future Surrogates can see that there are perfectly normal stories of successful journeys.

I have to say I am a bit biased when it comes to Legitimate Agencies that have been around for years. I think it is important that both the IPs and Surrogate are supported and protected by an Agency. Most of the negative stuff I have read about Surrogacy didn't include a Legitimate Agency with a great history, but people choosing to go independent, hiring just a Lawyer or signing on with an Agency that hasn't been around long. Heck, even in the aforementioned Groups Online I've seen some women that I wouldn't leave a pet with . . . searching to become a Surrogate, luckily, if she goes to an agency like mine, they will "weed her out" but if she chooses to go independent or with a less than stellar agency, who knows. Maybe she'll end up like this woman.

Again, I fully admit I am biased. I'm sure there are a lot of Independent Surrogates who would say the same thing that I'm complaining about, " . . that there are plenty or examples of positive outcomes to Independent and newer Agency journeys . . ." but we don't see the good PR, just the bad.

I remember when I first started the process, I saw this article in Newsweek and here's MY Post about it. Even when they do the articles on Serial Surrogates, they tend to start out positive and end negative . . . making you wonder what motivates someone to be a Surrogate so many times instead of focusing on how many families she has helped over the years to create.

Even when Surrogacy was all over the Tabloids with Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick, instead of focusing on how great it was that Michelle was helping someone's family grow, it was about her marriage status, her job, her sexuality- things that had nothing to do with her ability to help carry someone's child. Heck- her house got broken into by the Local Police. Again, not great PR . . . even worse PR for the Martins Ferry Police Department.

So, I guess I'll try to always keep up my blog, so others, even 20 years from now will see that successful Surrogacy is possible. Even if the New York Times or The Morning Show never pick up my story with George, Sanj and the girls, if you search hard enough on the internet, you'll find it. It may even be in the year 2025 or so when I post a pick of Anjali and Natasha graduating from High School . . . because I know I'll either be there or at least get lots of pictures from the event!

Monday, December 21, 2009

One Year Get Together!

*AFTER POST NOTE* My husband wanted me to put a forewarning in here that this post is more cute than funny. I didn't think I needed to warn people, but apparently he says, my readers are expecting, "cute funnies" and I didn't come through this time.

As you know, Natasha and Anjali turned ONE November 28th. I couldn't go to their birthday party so George and Sanj made a "Down Memory Lane" trip to Sacramento.

We met at 33rd Street Bistro, where we had been April of 2008, when I first had lunch with Sanj's mom and aunt during their visit to the states

While we were waiting for our take out lunch, the girls were chillin' at the bar.

We were able to hang out for the afternoon and visit our OB Dr. Knight and some of the Nurses that worked the floor where the girls stayed for a few days after delivery.

Once we pulled up to the Doctor's office, I gave the girls the Owl Hats I brought for them . . . part of their Christmas Present

Here's a close-up

We were able to hang out with Dr. Knight for a bit. Here's George and Sanj telling Dr. Knight about how much fun they've had in the last year . . . and how little sleep
and sharing their BRAG BOOK that starts with a picture of the blastocysts that were implanted!
We ate at Dr. Knight's. Here I am with Natasha

Next, we walked over to the Nurses' station on the Recovery floor. They totally remembered all of us and couldn't believe it had already been a year. Here are some of the Nurses posing with the family and the flowers George and Sanj had sent them

On the way out we had to take a picture of me and the girls by the Maternity Admissions sign

It was so great to see my Surro-family again. I am really lucky that we an usually get together every few months. It has helped make my experience as a Surrogate Mother even better. Through this process I didn't just gain some friends, I gained another sect of a family.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Time flies!!!

November 28th was Natasha and Anjali's first birthday . . . FIRST BIRTHDAY!!!!! I can not believe how quickly their first year on earth passed. I swear, it feels like I just gave birth to them a few months ago- and looks like it too! LOL!

George, Sanj and the girls flew to Canada for their birthday party. From the look of the pictures, Appachi throws a mean party!

Check out their birthday cake
1st bday cake

Making a Wish
cake blow

and here they are "sharing" a toy

We will all be meeting in Sacramento next Tuesday to have lunch together, along with Dr. Knight, the OB who delivered the girls. It will be great to see everyone together again! Of course I'll post pics after the fact.

If you want to revisit their birth story- go back to November of 2008. Although, I just noticed some pictures are gone since I stop using a certain picture hosting company. It may take me just a little bit to figure it all out and replace them with the new host site. My apologies!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Some updated girlie picks!



Oh and here's the funniest video to date- LOVE IT!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

October=Pumpkin Patch

Well it's almost Halloween, which means the girls are 11 months old!! Can you believe they will be celebrating their first birthday next month? I can't! Crazy! This also means it's been a year and I haven't lost all the baby weight . . . more accurately, since I HAVE lost the weight from my surro-girls , it's been 8 years on the 30th and I haven't lost the baby weight from Ruby! LOL!

October is a fun month for my family as we love Halloween, it's the month of my wedding anniversary and it's the month Ruby was born. Around here October means a lot, including our annual trip to the Bishop's Pumpkin Farm!

Here were the girls last October

and here they are this October

I talked with George today and he said the girls are going to be lemurs for halloween. I can't wait for the pictures!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Bumpaholic, No. Serial Surrogate, Possibly.

A surrogate I know, Let's call her Anita (wink, wink), mentioned in her Facebook Status that she may be on Good Morning America tomorrow. The Topic: Bumpaholics. When I first read it, I got to thinking about what the term "Bumpaholic" actually means.

I came up with two ideas:
1. Women addicted to Pregnancy
2. Porn (my guess? one with a very small budget)

Without reading the definition of Bumpaholic, I thought for a second I may fit into this category. I love being Pregnant. I love having babies. And after being a surrogate last year, I love being pregnant with other people's babies too. But when I started researching on the internet, I found out rather quickly that this term wasn't accurate for me.

Most of what I read talks about woman who keep having children because they are addicted to being pregnant. Basically, they say these "Bumpaholics" continue to have baby after baby for all the wrong reasons. One article stated Bumpaholics are " . . . driven to rapidly reproduce out of insecurity, a craving for attention, or feelings of abandonment by their own parents."

I guess you can say I'm addicted to pregnancy, if you use the term loosely . . . like "I'm Starving" when you're hungry or "I have a shoe fetish" if you like to buy shoes. You are not actually going to die from lack of food and, well, a true shoe fetish is far from just owning several pairs of Jimmy Choos.

Now, as far as being a Serial Surrogate, I guess I'm on my way. Like I've stated on here before, I knew back in high school I'd be a surrogate someday. However, I didn't think I'd do it more than once but because I had such a tremendous experience I'm in the process of starting my second surrogacy. I've had several people ask me if this will be my last time. I think so, but I said that during the first surrogacy, so I guess we'll have to wait and see. I doubt I'll be a surrogate as many times as some Serial Surrogates, but I have at least one more in me . . . so it looks as if I'll need to hold off on starting my 12 step program.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

My Uterus is an ALLY not an ALLEY!!!

I just have to vent. I understand there are a lot of people who have no idea what my bumper sticker means . . . but HELLO! Why would I advertise that my uterus is a dirty, dark place where "tricks" are performed and drugs are shot up? There is an "e" in Alley . . . my sticker doesn't have an "e".

Again, for those of you who don't remember, CLICK HERE to learn about what my bumper sticker actually symbolizes.


Saturday, August 29, 2009

New ClusterMap- ahhhh man!

I am kind of bummed that it's been over a year since I added the mapping feature to my blog. I guess every year they will archive the old one and start over brand new with the red dots. I used to love to see the map with red dots of various sizes everywhere . . . now it's like we're back to square one.

They do still have the archived totals (Total since 24 Aug 2008: 11,196), but I'm a visual person and I want to see all of it, since August of 2008. I don't care if my map becomes one huge blob of red . . . to me, that would be perfect!

Now places like Uganda, Bahrain, and Peru are no longer showing any visitors *sniff, sniff*

Okay, enough self-pity . . . . the girls turned 9 months yesterday. Once I get the updated info from George and Sanj, I'll let you know how they're growing. I'm also very excited because we're going for a quick visit mid September while we're in the Bay Area for a family reunion picnic. Yeah!!!!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Giggles Galore!

Here are my surro-girlies!

How cute are they? I can't believe how much they change between our visits. Speaking of which, our next visit with George, Sanj and the girls is set for September 12th- YEAH!!! I'm very excited.

Do you know what's even harder to believe? A year ago I was HERE.

Only 3 months until their First Birthday . . . can you believe that?!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Over 10,000 Hits!

WOW!!! I can't believe my little blog has reached the 10,000th hit mark! Actually, I'm more shocked that someone from Uganda, Tunisia and Nepal have visited my blog!

Perhaps I should leak some naked photos of someone to get 10,000 more hits in less than a day.
Tangent- why do people, including famous people, send naked photos of themselves on camera phones? When will they learn? Does it ever seem like a good idea? At least crop out your face . . . HELLO! Luckily, when I was wild and crazy Girls Gone Wild, digital cameras and cell phones weren't mainstream yet. Something about getting "a page" back in 1995 that you were Naked doesn't have the same effect. That's also back when we spelled things, instead of "I'm N8KD- LOL."

Back on topic . . . so my posts have been here and there but not much on my new journey. I have been advised that I should keep my next surrogacy in a private journal, so that when I decide to write a book on Surrogacy, that all my experiences won't already be out there. I'm still debating on whether I want it to be Non-Fiction (like my blog currently) or if I should do a novel that is Fiction loosely based on my experiences . . . think of a sober, non-smoking Bridget Jones pregnant with another couples baby . . . it just might work.

I will continue to check in and keep you updated on my first surro-family and I'd love to continue to have new people read my blog. Even though my first journey is now in the past, I think it still sends a great message about Surrogacy and debunks some myths about surrogate mothers. It also is another great story of two beautiful souls becoming parents . . . that just happen to be men. Feel free to pass it on, then maybe I'll be writing a post one day about my 1,000,000th hit! Perhaps, more women will see that it may be a journey they can go on . . . and help create families in the process.

For those of you new readers who just happened upon this, here's my advice . . . Go back to the begining and read it in chronological order. The best way to do this is to click on 2008, then select by month (starting with March) . . . then you go to the bottom of the page and work your way up. Or you can click on the arrow by March and click on each post as you go. For those of you looking for pictures of the birth, that would be the end of November! :)

If you're thinking about using Surrogacy to help create your family or if you're an Amazing Woman who wants to help others, be it surrogacy or egg donation, check out the agency I chose to use both times, Growing Generations.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Playtime with Anjali and Natasha!

George and Sanj just sent me this, so of course I had to share. I'm still laughing over the Paddington Bear issue. It makes me wonder if Natasha was the same in utero . . . something leads me to believe she was. LOL!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

How to Remember . . .

I've been thinking for months what I would like to do to memorialize my surrogate journey. Of course I have this blog which will be around years after I stop writing it but I'm thinking of something else . . . . something I can glance at and the memories will come pouring back, even 20 years from now.

While brainstorming options, several great and not so great ideas emerged . . . .

1. Tattoo? Yes, I already have 2 tattoos that remind me of other times in my life. I have played around with the idea of getting another for the last 15 years, but haven't. I'm not talking about a tat that has all the names and birth dates listed like this one or the one pictured above. Can you imagine, if I got one like the flip flop one across my back? It would look like a closet or shoe store with all the kids I will have given birth to! I HAVE thought of doing some sort of flower, where each "initial" petal symbolizes the times I've given birth. Three for my own kids, one for Natasha and Anjali and one for whoever is born this next time. Then I thought . . . haven't I hurt enough? Between delivering Ruby with no drugs, healing my vagina from Preston, Sawyer and Ruby and a c-section for Natasha and Anjali . . . is this option making me seem like a glutton for punishment? Some may even venture to say a Masochist?

2. Framed Caricature ?- Just kidding, but how funny would that be . . . you come in my house and hanging on the wall is something like this. But they can all be hanging out in my uterus- "it's a party y'all"! Oh, the looks on my kids faces when they're 16 and bring home their dates . . . "is that your mom's, oh nevermind" . . . on second thought?

3. Plant some trees? I have thought about this option since Ruby was born. I love the idea, but what if we move again? If I would have done this with my own kids, Ruby's tree would be at the townhouse we rented in the Bay Area, Preston's tree would be at the first house we bought in Sacramento, and only Sawyer's tree would be at our current house. I guess I could plant 6 or 7 trees at once but that can get pricey if we buy trees that we actually want in our front of backyard.

4. Jewelry?- we've got a winner!
I received a beautiful Tiffany's Bracelet with a Mom Heart Charm Lock two years ago for Mother's Day. I really love that bracelet except during my surrogacy there was an "accident". I'm not sure what happened, but somehow my Mom charm lock did not live up to it's name . . . it unlocked and fell off my bracelet. I was devasted. I called the Medical Office I was just at hoping someone found it, but no one had turned it in.
Of course not, right? It said Tiffany's on it, so I figured it was long gone the moment I noticed it wasn't dangling from my bracelet anymore. It's like me calling saying, "I dropped three One Hundred Dollar Bills in your office today. I don't suppose anyone turned it in"? Duh! I still envision someone's mom from that office gushing over the beautiful lock charm she received as a present. My only solace is that I also envision this mother wondering how in the heck it unlocked and lost her "new" mom lock charm.
* By the way, I did call and speak with someone at Tiffany's. Customer service said I was welcome to purchase another Mom lock and have it sautered closed on my bracelet. Perhaps they should have mentioned this option when my family bought it for me (but I digress . . .)

So now, I have the bracelet but no charm lock. Then, before Mother's Day this year, Tiffany's sent us another catalog with lots of expensive jewlery we could buy and have fall off. But that's when I saw them. They make other "locks" that are initals and numbers . . and it came to me. I can purchase (not all at once) my own children's initals R, P and S. Then, I will purchase the number 2 charm lock, to symbolize Anjali and Natasha. Lastly, I'll purchase either the 1 or another 2 lock charm to symbolize my second surrogacy journey. The 1 if it's a singleton pregnancy or the 2 if it ends up being another set of twins. Of course the major part of this plan, besides funding the purchase of all these locks is to actually have them sautered shut on my bracelet this time.
*Other variations that would help me not have to buy so many lock charms . . . I could get another Mom Charm for my 3 kids and have their initials engraved on the back and/or I can get a different shapped charm and have "Surrogate Mom" or "Stork" engraved on it . . . but I do like the numbers too. We'll see if this ever happens, but it is a thought.

Here's one thing I did in 12/2010 to remember my journeys!

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

It's the Least I could've done . . .

We headed up to the Bay Area this weekend for the Celebration that George and Sanj planned for my family. Months ago I was not able to attend the Baby Shower so we all decided after the birth of the girls, we'd do a little get together so I could meet some of their friends that I wasn't able to meet while big and round.

It was such an amazing day. I was able to meet dozens of the people George and Sanj hold so close. People who without a doubt will take part in the girls lives for years to come. It reminded me of the African Proverb, "It takes a Village to Raise a Child" . . . there were just so many incredible people that are in their "extended" family. I was able to spend time with most everyone and could imagine Anjali and Natasha learning marvelous things from them in the future.

The girls also had a record number of "wardrobe changes" throughout the event . . . not because they needed to, but because they could *wink, wink*
Here's Ruby and Natasha
Here's Anjali with Sawyer and Ruby
Here's Liliana with Anjali in my favorite outfit of the day
and let's not forget about the importance of accessorizing

One goal that I was able to fulfill this visit was the photography shot that had eluded me since the day they were born . . . me with both girls at once (notice another wardrobe change)! I'm not sure how every time I saw them, I'd leave without it, but I did . . . until Sunday!

Here we are!Photobucket

Oh, and here's the cake -notice a candle for each of us . . . Rick, Kelly, Ruby, Preston, Sawyer, George, Sanj, Natasha and Anjali!

I heard Thank you a lot that day . . . and people saying what an amazing thing we did. But you know what, I still don't get what's so amazing about what I did. Honestly, to me, it's the least I could do . . . perhaps a new phrase: Uterine Activism . . . I don't know if I give humanity more credit than it deserves, but I really don't think I did something THAT extraordinary . . . I helped complete a family . . . I didn't cure Cancer or end world hunger. I really think there are a lot more women out there who would do what I did in a heartbeat if they could just see the end product. (Again, another reason I continue to blog). I feel strongly and passionately about equality (reproductive equality, if you will) and I don't have money to donate to the cause, but I have a uterus that can easily send a message.

And for those of you I met Sunday, I know I will see you again and If I didn't already tell you at the BBQ, Thank you for being part of Natasha and Anjali's village.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Fathers' Day!

Between Ruby's Dance Recital, Preston's birthday and our own Father's Day BBQ at my house, I just realized that I forgot to upload my blog post for Father's Day! YIKES! So here you go-

Happy Fathers' Day George and Sanj! Can you believe it's been almost 7 months since your daughters arrived? A year and a half since we first met you! It's amazing how even on paper in your profile for Growing Generations, Rick and I could see what great dads you would make . . . and here you are . . . surviving twins, celebrating life and blossoming into wonderful fathers!

Fathers' Love . . .







and lastly, an article Gay couple loves challenge of fatherhood that I found in the Windy City Times.

You do the Math!

So my 7.5 year old daughter, Ruby, said to me today, "Did you know you've had FIVE babies?" Then she follows with, " . . . and it could be SIX or SEVEN!"

I have thought about this and man, that's a lot! Of course only 3 are my own . . . and then my surro-girlies Natasha and Anjali . . . and now that I'll be a surrogate again, it could be one or two more. What I find amusing about this is that really, in less than a year, I may be able to say, "I've had Seven Babies by 5 different men!" LOL!!! I won't share that comment with Ruby, but I knew you all were game!

In case you need the break down . . . .
my three kids by my husband Rick
twins by George and Sanj
either a singleton or twins from my upcoming surrogacy

* To really confuse you, let's throw in the fact it's really by 5 different men and 3 different women . . . myself and 2 different egg donors!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Waiting . . . Waiting . . . Waiting . . . .

So we've reached the part of the process of surrogacy where you wait . . . and then wait some more.

There were a few revisions to the contract- Rick and I signed and mailed it off. Next, the IPs (who've already seen the contract and agree) sign it and we both get copies for our records. They have picked an egg donor and now we wait. I guess she just cycled for another couple so it will be a several weeks until she can cycle again. Rumor has it donors have to have 2 periods before they can start the medication to donate ova again.

So, you may be asking what I'm doing to pass the time while we wait. Well, as much as I keep talking about going to the Gym, that hasn't really happened yet (I swear, at some point in time I'll go). Besides running my children's store and my household, I've been completely obsessed (almost embarrassed to mention it) to the Twilight book series. My sister and tons of my friends loved them so I thought, "What the Heck?!" Since then, I've been reading whenever I get the chance and now I'm halfway through the third book (I started the series last week). This is a record for me. Since having kids, it takes me forever to get through a book, unless it's by David Sedaris. (Remember- I took one of his books with me to the hospital for my hospital stay last November)

Here's a hint as to why

So, I can make a guess the next several weeks will consist of working, waiting, playing with my kids, waiting, reading and or dreaming of Edward Cullen and Jacob Black, waiting and oh yes, I almost forgot, the Gym!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Back from Canada!

I talked to George tonight - I'm still high from it :) We were discussing their recent trip to Canada- the girls first plane ride and visit to Appachchi since she left a few months after they were born. I can't even begin to imagine the joy she must have had seeing her little grand babies and being able to show them off to her friends and family that had yet to meet them. George says the girls traveled very well (better than my kids it sounds).

A few months back I sent George and Sanj a blog about some new parents (via surrogacy) who also happen to be gay . . . and the craziness that insued while attempting to make a trip to visit the grandparents. "Where Did You Get Them," was written by Max Mutchnick. Perhaps my new IPs would get a kick out of reading this too.

It was really nice to speak about the new journey with George as well. I wasn't able to speak with Sanj, maybe in the next few days. George told me that they have talked a bit about what's next for me and have been thinking back to when we all first started our journey . . . about how great it was to get to know me in the first few months (I love that part of the process too) and about how Sanj and he are very excited to support me in my new journey. They are really amazing. That is one of the side effects of surrogacy . . . you add more people to your circle of friends and family. People who are awesome and loving and want more than anything to be parents. When I think about the Parents (and soon to be Parents) I've meet, I wonder if Anjali and Natasha will ever meet my next surro-kiddos or if George and Sanj will ever meet J and S. That would be one cool lunch date!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Love, Love . . . Everywhere!

Thought I should post a few updates.

First of all, check out the gorgeous flowers my new IP's sent me. We are all excited to get started on the next chapter. At first I was worried about posting my "Thank You" picture for all to view . . . mainly because I don't want my own beauty to take away at all from the beautiful floral arrangement (LOL!). Honestly, I've found that no picture I take of these flowers comes close to how breathtaking they actually are in person.

So- I'm taking the birth control pills so they can get my cycle in sync with the donor's cycle when the time comes . . . which is still looking like August or so. Now is the (fun) time that the new IPs and my family get to know each other better. My advice to other surrogates is to start this part as early as possible- because in no time, they'll be seeing you're uterus :) and Hello! you're going to be carrying their precious cargo!

*On a side note, I know it may get confusing (first IPs with new IPs etc) . . . but remember, once the girls were born in November, I was able to call my first IPs George and Sanj by name, instead of G and S or IPs . Also (technically) they have not been "Intended Parents" since November 28, 2008 . . . . that's the date they "graduated" to Parents! :)
So I will always call my first IPs by name. My new IPs will now be referred to as J and S (their initials). After birth, if they are okay with it, I can mention them by name and maybe post pictures . . . but I need to remind my readers, that if they decide they don't want their names divulged or pictures posted, it's their right/choice and I will gladly uphold whatever "boundaries" they deem necessary for their new family's privacy. (Believe it or not, I'm not always a talkative, loud, blogger . . . I can keep a secret if the need arises!)

Lastly, My family is so excited to see the girls, George and Sanj at the end of June. Menaka, Sanj's cousin, sent me some pictures of the girls when they visited Toronto- and it made me all giddy inside!

More later!

Look- I birthed a new bumper sticker!

Birthed? Yeah, I went there.

So here's a bumper sticker I created on Zazzle for myself and some of my surro-sisters.


I actually love bumper stickers but I don't like to stick things forever to my van, so I attach business card magnets to the back of my bumper stickers so I can switch around my Van "flair".

One last thing . . . in case some of you don't know what an Ally is . . . . The following excerpt was taking from a GLAAD page on allies

A straight ally can merely be someone who is supportive and accepts the LGBT person, or a straight ally can be someone who personally advocates for equal rights and fair treatment.

Allies are some of the most effective and powerful voices of the LGBT movement. Not only do allies help people in the coming-out process, they also help others understand the importance of equality, fairness, acceptance and mutual respect.

Click Here to find helpful resources that will give you more information on being an ally and a friend.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

It Breaks my Heart . . .

I will fight the fight because no one has the right to tell my friends (or many years from now, my children) that they can't be married to whoever they LOVE. I pledge to repeal Prop 8 and restore marriage equality in California.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Amost 1/2 year old!!

We're coming up to the girls 1/2 birthday- that's almost 6 months old for those of you that are "math impaired".

Here's a new picture of my sweet little surro-girlies. Is it me or do they get cuter with every month?

We are going to visit George, Sanj and the girls at the end of June. We're very excited to see everyone. George and Sanj are actually holding a BBQ Celebration in our honor. I was too pregnant (about 30 weeks) to make it to the Baby Shower, so now, I get to meet several of their friends post-delivery. The girls will also be 7 months on that date . . . so I'm sure I'll take lots of pictures to show everyone.

*For the record, this is a personal visit, Kelly's uterus will not be signing any autographs . . . however, if you play your cards right, guests will be able to take pictures with Kelly AND her uterus! Rumor has it, People Magazine and Maxim will be crashing the BBQ to get some photo's for their next Beautiful People and Hot 100 Issue. It is way too early to say for sure, but I'm thinking my uterus can land the cover! That's right Christina Applegate and Olivia Wilde, watch out.

Oh, and while I'm discussing magazine layouts, Hugh, stop calling me. My uterus and I refuse to pose for any photos for less than one million dollars, I don't care how good your articles are . . . but FYI, feel free to give The Advocate my number . . . I'm envisioning a very tasteful piece, with maybe just a little skin ;)

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

My Uterus is Just Very Friendly!

Well, for those of you who don't know (I've hinted around a bit) it's official, I will be a Surrogate one more time. It is no surprise to any of my readers that I LOVED the entire process. It was wonderful! Heck, I've even had a few followers of my blog apply to be surrogates themselves! That was always part of my goal with the blog. When I started it over a year ago, I wanted to educate readers on the process of surrogacy in an entertaining way, let my Intended Parents (IP's) and their friends and family be right there with me through the entire journey. I think it was a success (check out the map to the right).

So the girls turn 5 months in a few days and I'm about to start again. I know some people think I'm crazy but I have several friends who are/were Surrogates and they totally get it! Can I get a shirt made that says, "It's a Surrogate Thing, You Wouldn't Understand" (ut oh, lots of thoughts flooding my brain) . . . maybe a Bumper Sticker that says, "I Break for IVF" or "I'd rather be getting knocked up in LA" or "Fertility Happens" . . . maybe one for my husband's car . . ."My Wife's Uterus is on the Honor Roll at Growing Generations"?? Okay, I'll stop! :)

Anyway- to get you caught up on my newest venture:

*Fill out (again) Application with Growing Generations- Check!
*Pass the Medical/Psychological Screening and Background Checks again- Check! Check! Check!
*Surrogate Insurance approved- Check!
*Paperwork signed- Check!

I was told by Growing Generations that the prospective IP's were given my profile. I was excited that this part was here but it's also like the first step in a job interview . . . what if they don't like my views? what if they make fun of my pictures? what if they hate me? and if that's the case, WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE? Don't they know who I am?

Well, good news, they loved (or was it liked?) me- Hello! Who are we talking about here- was there any doubt? . . . did they see how gorgeous the kids who spend time in my womb are . . . There are 5 adorable faces to prove the wonderful environment . . . it's like an exclusive spa . . . "Anyone, who's anyone came out of Kelly's uterus." (I'm envisioning Ruby, Preston, Sawyer, Anjali and Natasha with cucumbers over their eyelids and a towel wrapped around their head while they were In Utero).

So- the next step is going down to LA to meet them sometime in the next few weeks. At the Match Meeting you get to learn more about each other, openly discuss your thoughts/views on the upcoming journey, etc. I remember after Ricky and I met George and Sanj, we knew instantly that they were who we wanted to work with. We were sitting at the airport ready to fly home and we already called and left a message for Growing Generations telling them, without a doubt, YES!

George and Sanj do know about my next journey and are excited for me. We've discussed it a little bit, as much as I can at the moment. I know I've mentioned it before but as a former Surrogate, you almost have these feelings like you're cheating on your former IP's. It makes me wonder . . . is my Uterus Easy or just very friendly? I just want George and Sanj to always think of my uterus in the best of light . . . not as a big ol' uterine whore. I don't want to walk into a bathroom in New York years from now and see my information . . . "For a great pregnancy call Kelly's Uterus . . ."

I'll keep you posted on the progress. I don't think we'll actually do transfer until July or August- and that's if the Match Meeting goes well . . . which is great because that will give me a few more months to lose some more baby weight, before putting more back on- and ride a few roller coasters!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Have to Share this Picture!

Every now and then comes a priceless picture . . . so when I got this one, I almost peed myself! I am LOVING this picture, especially Anjali's (left) face! hahahahah!

I can't believe they'll be 5 months at the end of April, where does the time go?

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Our First Anniversary . . . thinking Round Two?

I can't believe it but today is the one year anniversary of our embryo transfer! To remind you- here's the post from a year ago today!

What a difference a year makes . . .

Natasha and Anjali turned four months old today and are sleeping (sometimes soundly) in their own cribs instead of my womb.

I am also doing great. I had a busy day today and was pleasantly surprised when I arrived home to find a gorgeous bouquet of flowers from George and Sanj. The card said, "Remembering you a year ago." Are they awesome or what?

It's amazing to think about the journey I started a year ago. It was so wonderful, I can't imagine it going any better than it did. We met great IP's. We got pregnant the first try. It was twins. It was a healthy pregnancy with an easy birth. I didn't have any real sadness watching the girls go away with their parents.

The only interesting (weird) feelings were, "now what"? Surrogacy is amazing. You have a goal for a long time, it comes to fruition and then you're (for all intensive purposes) done. It reminded me of after my wedding to Rick. You plan every single detail for about a year and in one night, it's over. Of course the marriage is there and great but the "planning" part is over. Some brides get the wedding planning blues. The more Surrogacy blogs I read, it seems there is a bit of Surrogacy (planning) Blues too.

One of the first things I thought about after delivering the girls is how I could totally do that again. I almost felt sad I was 34 years old and couldn't help more than one more couple become a family. I realize that people who are not surrogates or who have not been blessed with families with a surrogate's help can't really relate to my thinking. Some people I work with and even some family members thought I, "got it out of my system" so why would I even think about doing it again. Well, they were not with me in that hospital room when George and Sanj's babies were born. They were not there when they arrived a happily married couple but left a family. No, I assure you, if you were not there or have not been through something similar, you can not relate.

To be honest, I was not surprised when Lynn, my Growing Generations Counselor, asked me in the weeks following the birth about if I'd do this again. We had discussed my feelings throughout the entire process, so of course this would come up. I remember thinking, of course! For me though, time is of the essence as insurance for surrogates goes up at the age of 36. Actually, even if time was "on my side" , I'd chose to do it sooner than later. So in later conversations with the Surrogate Coordinator, I told them that yes, I would do it one more time (before my beautiful uterus wilts) LOL! My only stipulation is that I wanted a few months of an empty uterus and did not want to be in my third trimester during Christmas this time around. She said she'd talk to me later. But I'll leave the rest of this for another post. For now, here's an updated picture of the FAMILY I helped create

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A visit on girlies 3 month Birthday!

Since our 3 month visit with Natasha and Anjali had to be cancelled because of uncooperative weather, I was really excited when George and Sanj mentioned trying to get together when Ruby and I were going to be nearby.

Ruby and I spent the weekend in Santa Clara for a Dance Expo/Competition she was attending. She was done competing earlier than most, so we were able to have dinner with everyone that night.

Luckily besides great food, The Elephant Bar was very "kid friendly"!

And adult friendly

Anjali definitely won the award for Easiest Baby at a Restaurant

Natasha won the award for Cutest Baby being walked around a Restaurant

If I'm handing out awards, I guess I should give out a few more . . .

The winner of most adorable 7 year old holding a baby goes to my own Ruby Rummelhart

and the winner of the happiest 7 year old surrounded by her surro-family

It actually went quite well . . . it was the twins first dinner out and unlike when I'm out with my own kids, I was able to eat :) It was musical babies, everyone taking turns holding or walking a baby.

Here's me getting to hold Anjali

The night also reminded me how many shoes and socks I lost when my children were babies. Here's some cute little toes that arrived with both socks and cute little shoes

Sunday, February 22, 2009

"Rain-Check", Literally!

Well, my visit with my surro-family had to be postponed. I'm a bit bummed but we're having quite the rainstorm and we all decided it was best to cancel the 3 hour drive in the rain and wind. We're trying to figure out a time in the next few weeks to get together. Maybe next weekend when Ruby and I will be down for a dance competition?

For now, here's an updated picture (above, left) of my surro-girlies, Anjali and Natasha at 12 weeks. Posted below are some reminders . . .

Here they are less than an hour old

Here they are, in my uterus about a week and a half before making their entrance

And here's a "Never seen before" picture of George and I in the room right after the Transfer of the embryos. Sanj is taking the picture. Photobucket

I'll keep you posted!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

My Surro-girlies are 2 months old!

Natasha and Anjali turned two months on January 28th. I'm excited I get to see them mid-February! I can't wait to hold them because last time, at the Open House, I was so busy I never even held them. George and Sanj say they are doing great, getting bigger and really starting to interact. At their last appointment Natasha weighed 10 lbs even and Anjali is up to 9 lbs 7 oz!

Here are some others pictures of my sweet ladies getting bigger!

Here's Natasha


and here's Anjali


Some more for you-