Tuesday, October 27, 2009

October=Pumpkin Patch

Well it's almost Halloween, which means the girls are 11 months old!! Can you believe they will be celebrating their first birthday next month? I can't! Crazy! This also means it's been a year and I haven't lost all the baby weight . . . more accurately, since I HAVE lost the weight from my surro-girls , it's been 8 years on the 30th and I haven't lost the baby weight from Ruby! LOL!

October is a fun month for my family as we love Halloween, it's the month of my wedding anniversary and it's the month Ruby was born. Around here October means a lot, including our annual trip to the Bishop's Pumpkin Farm!

Here were the girls last October

and here they are this October

I talked with George today and he said the girls are going to be lemurs for halloween. I can't wait for the pictures!