Monday, March 31, 2008

Newsweek Article on Surrogacy

Talk about perfect timing, eh? Newsweek has an article on Surrogacy Although, it is even more interesting to read the comments. One stated that surrogates are uneducated and poor- talk about hitting the nail on the head with Rick and I, ha! Yeah, we're pretty destitute and regarding education, I call leaving school in the 8th grade an excellent choice. (FYI- for those of you who don't really know me, I'm totally joking . . I have a Masters in Education and Rick and I have done pretty well).

Although the part that scares me is within the comments people are advertising about being surrogates and looking for a surrogate. I would advise everyone to go through a reputable agency. There are several out there, mine is Growing Generations. The other part of the company is know as Fertility Futures. Here's an article about them in W from a few months back.

I guess I'll be buying Newsweek tomorrow on my way to work. I figure I can read part of it to the kids, or at least show them the pictures. They already have the book The Kangaroo Pouch and they love it. It's a story for young children about Surrogacy told through a kangaroo mom who's helping another kangaroo family. Preston and Ruby (my 2 oldest) totally get the idea of what I'm doing thanks to the book and of course meeting the Intended Parents. We even have a photo of them on our family photo table. It's actually pretty cute because Ruby has written about them in her journal for 1st grade.

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Lisa said...

You are some kind of awesome Kelly!! I'm going to blog about you later tonight.