Monday, June 16, 2008

More Good News!

To quote my OB, " . . . with every ultrasound, we keep getting better news . . . "

Last week we had our first appointment with the Sacramento Maternal-Fetal Medicine Medical Group. We were told we would get to know this group well since previous ultrasounds had shown only one placenta. On Thursday, we were there for the Nuchal Translucency Screening.Like most ultrasounds, I did have to drink 16 ounces of water an hour before my appointment (been there, done that). However, I've never had to wait so long for an appointment and have it take so incredibly long. I drank my water at 12:45 and was finally able to pee about 4:00! I was ready to bust (or cuss at someone).

We will find out later how the test turned out, but it looked pretty good to me. FYI- that doesn't mean much since I'm not trained in this area, but I did google a lot and saw pictures, and ours looked like the ones that were fine. If it turns out I'm right, perhaps I should open my own practice? My waiting room would at least have a fish tank :)

Durning the ultrasound they looked at the placenta more closely and reported to my OB that the pregnancy is Dichorionic (two placentas) not monochorionic (one placenta) which is what everyone previously thought. This is great news because there are possible complications with only one placenta and two fetus'. And the best news, that we've known for awhile is that they are diamniotic, which means each fetus has its own sac- which is great.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

One Trimester Down, Two to Go!

Yeah! We've made it through the first trimester . . . only several more months to go.

Things are going well. The babies are healthy and measuring great. I'm feeling better finally . . . can stay up later than
9:00 PM again and only feeling nauseous when I take a prenatal vitamin on an empty stomach (which sadly is almost daily- why won't I remember!)

We met with Dr. Knight and were able to get a few questions answered. We also found out I'll be making a few more trips to Sacramento than usual. Needless to say, I'm learning firsthand that carrying twins is different than a singleton. Since the babies seem to be sharing one placenta, they'll really need to keep an eye on them to make sure that each baby is getting what they need (oxygen, food, etc)

I'm really excited the first trimester is over . . . although it's been different this time around. A lot of times couples will wait to tell people they're pregnant after the first trimester since chances of miscarriage go down dramatically. However, when all your friends and family know you're doing IVF/Surrogacy, it's a little hard not to fill them in immediately . . . especially when everyone is aware you're going down to LA to get pregnant.

Lastly, I've had several people want Belly pictures . . . well, even with twins I'm not really showing all that much. Actually, that's a little off . . . ever since my belly stretched with Ruby 7 years ago, I've always thought I've looked 4 months pregnant. *smile* When I was pregnant with Preston and Sawyer, I hardly showed until the 5th month or so. I know it will be different with twins. The top part of my abdomen has already come out a bit, the lower part, again, since the birth of my first, has always been out. LOL! I promise belly pics will come eventually! Until then, perhaps I'll show some past pregnancy photos to get you all in the mindset . . . maybe next post.