Friday, June 29, 2012

I am a HOUSE episode

Tomorrow is 34 weeks, no problem, right? WELL . . . . . . this morning when I woke up I thought I may be leaking fluid so I called the Dr. and they had me come in. By the time I got there I had changed underwear twice, and filled up two Poise Pads. It seemed pretty obvious that I did in fact have ruptured membranes. I was just hoping that I could hang out for a few days/weeks until it repaired itself or until Little Man stayed in a little longer. They tested the fluid and it came back positive for amniotic fluid and the nurse, Andrea, witnessed first hand my leakage. She left and came back in saying we were doing a c-section in 30 minutes. WAIT! WHAT?! I told her that I wanted to speak to the OB and be seen before they rushed me back. I was fine, the baby was fine, they hadn't even checked my cervix, etc. About an forty-five minutes later the OB came over and did a quick vaginal exam. It showed no progression of my cervix and when he had me cough, no fluid was coming out (even though earlier a good joke would have me seeping some fluid). He ran another test which came back inconclusive. He decided to send me up to get an ultrasound, it came back with satisfactory fluid levels. Later, they came and ran the same test again . . . to the nurses surprise, it came back negative. The joke is now that I'm like an episode of HOUSE. Nurses are saying they would bet their licenses on the fact that my membranes ruptured because they have seen firsthand what is going on, my story is conclusive and a test came back positive . . . but then the other test came back negative. They couldn't believe it. So now, I'm waiting for the OB to come over and re-do the test again, do another vaginal exam and make a decision if we proceed with the c-section or if they decide to observe me for longer. We shall see. Now about my IPs . . . I finally reached them. They are in another part of Australia at a conference and the soonest they could fly home and and then fly here would be about 36 hours. I am hoping to have information for them ASAP so they can make a good decision. As of yesterday, they were do to arrive July 25th for an August 6th c-section (if I actually made it to 39 weeks . .. never have). I have been very lucky today in the fact that Stacie has been with me for most of the day. She went home to get changed, eat and will return later. She is going to be my OR/C-section buddy. I will keep you posted. Looks like instead of the Baby Shower on July 7th, they may get a baby instead!

Friday, June 15, 2012

32 weeks

32 weeks and counting . . . . Next friday I'll be going in for a 4D ultrasound that will live stream to my IPs and their family in Australia (Saturday morning to them). It's my Fathers' Day gift to them. Can't wait to share some amazing photos and videos of Little Man with you all!