Friday, May 23, 2014

Prides of the Past- a revisit

 Just wanted to share a few of my posts about PRIDE from the past.

For several years Stacie and I would design or have shirts made . . . I still have surrogates who ask about where they can get them years later . . . so here you go.

2012- "Filled with Pride" shirt
purchase HERE

2011- "I make families, what's your superpower" shirt 
purchase HERE
2011- Pride

2010- "My Uterus is an Ally" shirt
purchase HERE
2010- Pride

I can't remember why Pride didn't work out in 2013 for my surro buddies  but there were no shirts made and it looks like 2014 may not happen either . . . .Oops!  Erin and I did go to Pride in Sacramento and San Francisco in 2013 but I think Stacie was unable to join??

However, if any of you have created shirts for Pride, please share in the comments along with link to buy.  Thanks!