Saturday, May 30, 2009

Love, Love . . . Everywhere!

Thought I should post a few updates.

First of all, check out the gorgeous flowers my new IP's sent me. We are all excited to get started on the next chapter. At first I was worried about posting my "Thank You" picture for all to view . . . mainly because I don't want my own beauty to take away at all from the beautiful floral arrangement (LOL!). Honestly, I've found that no picture I take of these flowers comes close to how breathtaking they actually are in person.

So- I'm taking the birth control pills so they can get my cycle in sync with the donor's cycle when the time comes . . . which is still looking like August or so. Now is the (fun) time that the new IPs and my family get to know each other better. My advice to other surrogates is to start this part as early as possible- because in no time, they'll be seeing you're uterus :) and Hello! you're going to be carrying their precious cargo!

*On a side note, I know it may get confusing (first IPs with new IPs etc) . . . but remember, once the girls were born in November, I was able to call my first IPs George and Sanj by name, instead of G and S or IPs . Also (technically) they have not been "Intended Parents" since November 28, 2008 . . . . that's the date they "graduated" to Parents! :)
So I will always call my first IPs by name. My new IPs will now be referred to as J and S (their initials). After birth, if they are okay with it, I can mention them by name and maybe post pictures . . . but I need to remind my readers, that if they decide they don't want their names divulged or pictures posted, it's their right/choice and I will gladly uphold whatever "boundaries" they deem necessary for their new family's privacy. (Believe it or not, I'm not always a talkative, loud, blogger . . . I can keep a secret if the need arises!)

Lastly, My family is so excited to see the girls, George and Sanj at the end of June. Menaka, Sanj's cousin, sent me some pictures of the girls when they visited Toronto- and it made me all giddy inside!

More later!

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jenjt said...

I am so excited for this new journey!!