Tuesday, April 22, 2014

How many Surrogates does it take to ROCK a wedding?

I married the love of my life (took a few decades to find her, but I did!)  I promise to share other wedding pictures and a blog or two about it, but for now, the only blog post that is ready to go is our "Surrogates Rock" aka "Look what I did" pictures.

A surro friend of mine was a guest at a wedding and they did a picture similar to this and I knew, I was too!  There were several other Surrogates that were invited to Erin and my big day . . . but it isn't cheap to fly to California, so sadly, they weren't physically present.  Also, these are Surrogates, so several were too pregnant to make it or had just given birth, so they couldn't be there either.

So for the small group that I did have physically present . . . . here we are.  

We total 27 surro babies between the 8 of us.  The group of us helped 16 gay couples (32 men) become  fathers or dads again with sibling projects.  I love Surrogacy!!!!

For other wedding pictures you can search Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest using the #ekwed14