Wednesday, April 22, 2009

My Uterus is Just Very Friendly!

Well, for those of you who don't know (I've hinted around a bit) it's official, I will be a Surrogate one more time. It is no surprise to any of my readers that I LOVED the entire process. It was wonderful! Heck, I've even had a few followers of my blog apply to be surrogates themselves! That was always part of my goal with the blog. When I started it over a year ago, I wanted to educate readers on the process of surrogacy in an entertaining way, let my Intended Parents (IP's) and their friends and family be right there with me through the entire journey. I think it was a success (check out the map to the right).

So the girls turn 5 months in a few days and I'm about to start again. I know some people think I'm crazy but I have several friends who are/were Surrogates and they totally get it! Can I get a shirt made that says, "It's a Surrogate Thing, You Wouldn't Understand" (ut oh, lots of thoughts flooding my brain) . . . maybe a Bumper Sticker that says, "I Break for IVF" or "I'd rather be getting knocked up in LA" or "Fertility Happens" . . . maybe one for my husband's car . . ."My Wife's Uterus is on the Honor Roll at Growing Generations"?? Okay, I'll stop! :)

Anyway- to get you caught up on my newest venture:

*Fill out (again) Application with Growing Generations- Check!
*Pass the Medical/Psychological Screening and Background Checks again- Check! Check! Check!
*Surrogate Insurance approved- Check!
*Paperwork signed- Check!

I was told by Growing Generations that the prospective IP's were given my profile. I was excited that this part was here but it's also like the first step in a job interview . . . what if they don't like my views? what if they make fun of my pictures? what if they hate me? and if that's the case, WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE? Don't they know who I am?

Well, good news, they loved (or was it liked?) me- Hello! Who are we talking about here- was there any doubt? . . . did they see how gorgeous the kids who spend time in my womb are . . . There are 5 adorable faces to prove the wonderful environment . . . it's like an exclusive spa . . . "Anyone, who's anyone came out of Kelly's uterus." (I'm envisioning Ruby, Preston, Sawyer, Anjali and Natasha with cucumbers over their eyelids and a towel wrapped around their head while they were In Utero).

So- the next step is going down to LA to meet them sometime in the next few weeks. At the Match Meeting you get to learn more about each other, openly discuss your thoughts/views on the upcoming journey, etc. I remember after Ricky and I met George and Sanj, we knew instantly that they were who we wanted to work with. We were sitting at the airport ready to fly home and we already called and left a message for Growing Generations telling them, without a doubt, YES!

George and Sanj do know about my next journey and are excited for me. We've discussed it a little bit, as much as I can at the moment. I know I've mentioned it before but as a former Surrogate, you almost have these feelings like you're cheating on your former IP's. It makes me wonder . . . is my Uterus Easy or just very friendly? I just want George and Sanj to always think of my uterus in the best of light . . . not as a big ol' uterine whore. I don't want to walk into a bathroom in New York years from now and see my information . . . "For a great pregnancy call Kelly's Uterus . . ."

I'll keep you posted on the progress. I don't think we'll actually do transfer until July or August- and that's if the Match Meeting goes well . . . which is great because that will give me a few more months to lose some more baby weight, before putting more back on- and ride a few roller coasters!


Jessamyn said...

Kel, you were killing me with this one. I love you and couldn't be more happy for you.

PS I don't think your utereus is easy, it's just making the most of life. : )

COsurromommy said...

I love what you said about cheating on your former IP's - I totally feel the same way.

I'm right along with you, but a few months behind. I have my potential match (they look great) but still have yet to do my screenings and I don't think we'll be doing the transfer until August (the whole six month thing).

Anyway, good luck and I hope you find your perfect match!

Idyll Musings said...

Kelly, the world truly needs more people like you!! I hope that this experience is as great as your last one. I look forward to reading your blogs and following your progress. Good luck!!

Tiffany Y said...

How exciting! Love your blog. Take care! - Tiffany Y

Anonymous said...

This is awesome. I love reading your blog so now I'll have more to read. I just had my frist transfer 3 days ago :)

Anonymous said...

I am in love with your site. Loved this blog too. Love them all.