Monday, December 28, 2009

Where is all the Good PR on Surrogacy??

One of the reasons I try to keep up my blog is to show a continuing, successful Surrogacy journey . . . You know, one where I don't take off with the babies, extort money or the IPs don't end up suing me for breach of contract, etc. It's so hard to find good PR on Surrogacy sometimes. It's like the media has decided to only show the negatives and that really makes me mad. I understand the need to share some possibilities and to remind Intended Parents and Future Surrogates that they need to do their research- but I'd also like to see some positives . . . or does that not sell magazines and papers these days?

Well, I am here to tell you that WE exist. There are plenty of women, like myself, who are psychologically healthy, financially stable, college educated with the desire to help infertile couples become families . . . with proven experience of releasing the children to their families upon birth. So why don't they ever mention us? Why can't they show that Surrogacy can be a great option? Luckily, there are a few blogs and online groups where future Surrogates can see that there are perfectly normal stories of successful journeys.

I have to say I am a bit biased when it comes to Legitimate Agencies that have been around for years. I think it is important that both the IPs and Surrogate are supported and protected by an Agency. Most of the negative stuff I have read about Surrogacy didn't include a Legitimate Agency with a great history, but people choosing to go independent, hiring just a Lawyer or signing on with an Agency that hasn't been around long. Heck, even in the aforementioned Groups Online I've seen some women that I wouldn't leave a pet with . . . searching to become a Surrogate, luckily, if she goes to an agency like mine, they will "weed her out" but if she chooses to go independent or with a less than stellar agency, who knows. Maybe she'll end up like this woman.

Again, I fully admit I am biased. I'm sure there are a lot of Independent Surrogates who would say the same thing that I'm complaining about, " . . that there are plenty or examples of positive outcomes to Independent and newer Agency journeys . . ." but we don't see the good PR, just the bad.

I remember when I first started the process, I saw this article in Newsweek and here's MY Post about it. Even when they do the articles on Serial Surrogates, they tend to start out positive and end negative . . . making you wonder what motivates someone to be a Surrogate so many times instead of focusing on how many families she has helped over the years to create.

Even when Surrogacy was all over the Tabloids with Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick, instead of focusing on how great it was that Michelle was helping someone's family grow, it was about her marriage status, her job, her sexuality- things that had nothing to do with her ability to help carry someone's child. Heck- her house got broken into by the Local Police. Again, not great PR . . . even worse PR for the Martins Ferry Police Department.

So, I guess I'll try to always keep up my blog, so others, even 20 years from now will see that successful Surrogacy is possible. Even if the New York Times or The Morning Show never pick up my story with George, Sanj and the girls, if you search hard enough on the internet, you'll find it. It may even be in the year 2025 or so when I post a pick of Anjali and Natasha graduating from High School . . . because I know I'll either be there or at least get lots of pictures from the event!


AnGèLe said...

Very well said! I would also like to add, I am a surrogate as well, I have graduated from college, work as a social worker, my husband works as well and we are financially stable, sane people. I work with an agency and would not want it any other way, not only do the IP's need to be protected but so do us surros!

Thank you for your post!

Tori said...

Surrogates, like birthmothers who put their children up for adoption, are angels. Simple enough.
How's that for PR?

JewelieP said...

Thank you Kelly! You know you have helped me immensely in my own journey. Please, please, please continue blogging! I, too, would like to see pictures of Anjali and Natasha graduating!

Anonymous said...

I recently gave birth to a surro-daughter and used GG as our agency. Everything was amazing, no problems at all throughout the entire journey. It is a wonder why they don't share those great stories. Keep blogging because I too would love to see those beautiful girls at their graduation!!!

Michelle Ross said...

I cannot say thank you enough for this post :)

Anonymous said...

Kelly, well said!! I have been a surro twice through GG, both times were amazing!! Now two families that could not have children are happily raising beautiful children they thought they would never have. Thank you for your blog!!!

Michael said...

I just joined your blog a little while ago and saw this link. This is great. I'm lucky that I'm in a state with good surrogacy laws. My friend is not so lucky. Hopefully surrogacy will eventually be a non-issue everywhere soon.