Monday, October 14, 2013

Kelly's Other Blog Posts at The Next Family

Several people have asked me about my blog posts at The Next Family.  So thought I'd give you some links, since they are not all together.  I have blogged under Kelly Rummelhart for Surrogacy and Kelly for Divorce, Coming out, wedding stuff, etc.

Kelly's posts:

Coming Out, etc.:

Marriage Equality/Wedding Stuff:

Divorce, etc:

All of my Surrogacy posts for TNF can be found here:
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Look who just turned THREE!

Due on Halloween and arriving a few weeks early . . . .  here they are three years later at their birthday party.

Surrogacy is awesome.  To help a couple become a family is truly amazing.  They have gotten so big and their voices are just the sweetest ever.  From embryo's to three in the blink of an eye.

Sorry I can't share more pictures . . . only what's available online.  However, I am so excited that I get to follow privately on instagram, so I can see pics of them all the time.  That is the reward for me, seeing all my Surro babes loving life with their dads'.