Monday, February 27, 2012

16.5 weeks

Doing great. Feeling great. Just waiting to feel "Little Man" . . . I know he's moving around because I've seen him all over the place, but I have yet to feel it.

One thing did happen this week and it's that my belly popped out, especially the top part! Here's my first belly pic of this journey
Behold . . . . 16.5 weeks


Wednesday, February 15, 2012

14 weeks!

Yesterday was Valentine's Day . . . It started out with an appointment with my OB. "Little Man" was doing great. Excellent heart rate and just relaxing. I love how in the ultrasound picture he's got his hands behind his head, just chillin'.

The only bummer part of the appointment was that they moved the scale from in the bathroom to out in the hallway. Can't really strip down in the hallway . . . ah well. Oh, I take that back, one more bummer part. My OB is moving to LA in April, so someone else will be taking over his practice. I really hope he is Pro-Surrogacy, Pro-Gay Parenting and knows what he's doing. I'd rather not change OBs or Hospitals if I can help it.

On Natasha and Anjali related news . . . the kids and I are going to visit George, Sanj and my surro-girlies this Sunday. YAY!!!!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Off All Meds!

I finally got the email I've been waiting for "Discontinue all meds!" Woot! Woot!

FIrst I got to discontinue the lozenges . . . then the shots . . . and finally the vaginal suppositories- and those are the worst! All the surro's I know joke about the suppositories. They are pretty gross and leave you with we all call "pasty vagina." When you are using suppositories you are single handedly keeping Carefree panty liners in business. Although, I have to say the one good thing this time is that the suppositories that Dr. Kolb prescribed came with an applicator. The last two times, Dr. Sahakian prescribed suppositories that didn't come with an applicator. TMI, I know what you're thinking, "Gesh Kelly. Stop it with the Pasty Vagina comments and the visuals of applicator free suppositories!"

Okay, Okay, I'm done . . . for now anyway! ;)