Saturday, March 8, 2014

My Surrogirlies!

Things have been so crazy lately . . . and between Thanksgiving, Christmas and planning our upcoming wedding, I've been the worst blogger ever.  Sorry :(

Natasha and Anjali turned 5 a few months back and Erin (my fiance) and I were able to pay a visit before Christmas. We were able to spend some time with George, Sanj and the girls.

We met my first Surro family at Ghirardelli Square for the Christmas tree lighting!

We were able to have hot cocoa, catch up and listen to a band play Holiday music, including Feliz Navidad about 10 times.  Afterwards, we ate dinner and celebrated the girls birthday and Erin and my engagement.

The girls loved their art supplies we got them for their birthday.  They were so funny and even had "fun" taking this photo . . .  ahahahahah.  God, I love them!

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Some Moms Marry Moms. Get Over It.

Had our engagement/family photo shoot!  Still waiting for all the pictures, but our photographer, Beth with True Love Photo sent us a few "teaser pics".  Here are a few that she shared with us.

This one we added a little saying to.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Kelly's Other Blog Posts at The Next Family

Several people have asked me about my blog posts at The Next Family.  So thought I'd give you some links, since they are not all together.  I have blogged under Kelly Rummelhart for Surrogacy and Kelly for Divorce, Coming out, wedding stuff, etc.

Kelly's posts:

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All of my Surrogacy posts for TNF can be found here:
(Keep going to "Next Page" at bottom left and you'll eventually see them all)

Look who just turned THREE!

Due on Halloween and arriving a few weeks early . . . .  here they are three years later at their birthday party.

Surrogacy is awesome.  To help a couple become a family is truly amazing.  They have gotten so big and their voices are just the sweetest ever.  From embryo's to three in the blink of an eye.

Sorry I can't share more pictures . . . only what's available online.  However, I am so excited that I get to follow privately on instagram, so I can see pics of them all the time.  That is the reward for me, seeing all my Surro babes loving life with their dads'.

Friday, July 12, 2013

A Certain Birthday Boy!

Baby Alexander turned one June 29th!  Man does time fly!

We received our invitation in the mail a few weeks back (top was the front, and bottom was the backside).  They kids were so excited, they shouted, "Let's Go!" . . . sadly I had to remind them that Alexander and the guys lived in Australia, so we wouldn't be able to make it this year, or most for that fact.

On the morning of Alexander's birthday we were able to Skype!  Actually, it was his birthday in Australia but for me in the U.S. it was still the day before :)

We had a great visit and it meant the world to me that M & S made sure I took part in their special day.  Later, he had his party with close friends and family and it looks like he had a great time.

What an awesome cake he had!

Of course, anything that requires mailing from me is always late, so his gift has been sitting in my house for more than a month now.  Gesh, I suck.  You'd think I'd get better at it, but I don't.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

My new body art

For years I have thought about getting a tattoo to commemorate the most fullfilling time of my life . . . being pregnant, birthing my children and my years spent as a surrogate.  I knew I would get it eventually, but the process has been difficult.

First, as a gestational surrogate, one of the things that can slow down the process is getting a tattoo or piercing.  Remember, one of the first steps of any journey is to pass medical screening.  It used to be, that a tattoo or piercing would set you back 6 months, now 3 months. After I had Natasha and Anjali, I thought about it but then was asked to come back for a second journey and I didn't want to hold up the process.  Later after Gideon and Harper, the same thing happened.  Months later, when I started entertaining the idea of finally going to get the tattoo, I put it on hold because low and behold, we decided to do a third journey.

So, last summer, after Alexander's birth, I was ready . . .  but then came my second issue I've had since 2008 . . . what do I get?  I have had several ideas over the years but nothing felt right.  I wasn't sold and as we all know, a tattoo is permanent so you better love what you're getting.  When I was younger I got a dolphin.  I told myself it symbolized my years as a competitive swimmer, my stroke  of choice, butterfly.  About seven years later I got a butterfly, pseudo tribal, which meant black with some twisty things to each side.  Of course, like almost every young woman around 1998, I decided on the perfect location where not everyone could see it . . . who knew years later it would be called a tramp stamp.  Which brings me to my third and final issue . . .

Where do I put this tattoo?  I went into this week thinking I'd place it on my back to cover up my 22 year old dolphin (which was so faded, you would've thought that I got it while doing time).  However, as I shared my ideas with my closest surrogate facebook group, I didn't want to hide it.  It's my story as a MOTHER, as a SURROGATE, and as a WOMAN,  who not only embraces her body and the amazing things it can do but how beautiful being pregnant is.  I have also decided in the last year and a half to be ME and not worry what others will say.  Seeing some of my friends rocking beautiful body art, encouraged me to just do it.

Finally, I was ready.  I had a concept and it just needed some blending.  Now before you start guessing, no, it is not a uterus.

I wanted something that was "me" and would symbolize my journey.

I wanted something whimsical.

I wanted the silhouette of a pregnant woman . . . face, bust and belly.  I wanted a big belly (since that's what I always have) . . .  I wanted her breasts not to be small and perky but larger and a little saggy, like mine (8 babies people!)

I wanted three large flowers in her hair to symbolize my own children, 2 boys and a girl.  Being able to use orange, my favorite color and purple, Erin's favorite.

I wanted long flowing hair (and if it could cover up my dolphin, that would be a plus!)

I wanted her blowing a dandelion or flowers, symbolizing the children I have given birth to as a surrogate . . . and having those "wishes/magic" turn into birds that fly back home to their parents . . . 2 birds in the front that are Natasha and Anjali, then 2 more birds that represent Gideon and Harper and then finally a single bird (closest to the mouth since he was my last one) that is Alexander.

Here was the original pieces of art that inspired the piece

And here was the drawing Jessi came up with for me (she would draw the flowing hair and birds on my body later).  I love it. Beautiful and not in a knocked up Disney princess sort of way . . .

It was perfect.  The day before at my consult, when I gave her my ideas, she asked me, "How do you feel about nipples?"  I thought that was a funny question, I never thought about it.  Yes, she can have nipples . . . after all a naked, pregnant lady would have nipples and areolas.  I didn't want to hide it under an arm or anything, to do so, I thought would make it seem like I was ashamed and the female body is nothing to be ashamed of. Not to mention my own breast and nipples helped nourish 8 babies, so why not give them credit?  Jessi said, that if later, I decided it was too much we could add a strand of hair or some more flowers to cover them up . . . or as my surro friend Jen suggested, having sparklers shooting out of them ;)

So after and hour and a half, here was the final product . . . still red and swollen, but you'll get the gist of it.  I'm going to keep an eye on the little yellow parts and if they don't end up dark enough, I may have Jessi touch them up with pink.

A final note . . . I wanted something that not every surrogate would duplicate. My friend Amy designed the most amazing, beautiful piece of art . . . but surrogates everywhere have fallen in love with it and copy it without adding something to make it their own, which bums her out a little. Hell, she even found someone on etsy that took it and made it into some sort of keychain/jewelry thing!  I figure the nipples alone will scare most people away from this one!

Lastly, a HUGE thank you to my Surro girls who helped me vocalize what it was that I was wanting, gave me some ideas that I hadn't thought of (going on the collar bone) and gave me the encouragement to just do it . . . I love it and I love them and now, I feel like they are a part of it too.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Little Surro Man . . . Big Surro Cutie!

So my little surro-man turns one years old in less than two weeks!  Can you believe it?!  He is getting so big and is the cutest thing ever!  Here are a few photos that were taken a few months back.  I love all of them but of course, can't share them all, so here are a few of my favorites.