Thursday, September 24, 2009

Bumpaholic, No. Serial Surrogate, Possibly.

A surrogate I know, Let's call her Anita (wink, wink), mentioned in her Facebook Status that she may be on Good Morning America tomorrow. The Topic: Bumpaholics. When I first read it, I got to thinking about what the term "Bumpaholic" actually means.

I came up with two ideas:
1. Women addicted to Pregnancy
2. Porn (my guess? one with a very small budget)

Without reading the definition of Bumpaholic, I thought for a second I may fit into this category. I love being Pregnant. I love having babies. And after being a surrogate last year, I love being pregnant with other people's babies too. But when I started researching on the internet, I found out rather quickly that this term wasn't accurate for me.

Most of what I read talks about woman who keep having children because they are addicted to being pregnant. Basically, they say these "Bumpaholics" continue to have baby after baby for all the wrong reasons. One article stated Bumpaholics are " . . . driven to rapidly reproduce out of insecurity, a craving for attention, or feelings of abandonment by their own parents."

I guess you can say I'm addicted to pregnancy, if you use the term loosely . . . like "I'm Starving" when you're hungry or "I have a shoe fetish" if you like to buy shoes. You are not actually going to die from lack of food and, well, a true shoe fetish is far from just owning several pairs of Jimmy Choos.

Now, as far as being a Serial Surrogate, I guess I'm on my way. Like I've stated on here before, I knew back in high school I'd be a surrogate someday. However, I didn't think I'd do it more than once but because I had such a tremendous experience I'm in the process of starting my second surrogacy. I've had several people ask me if this will be my last time. I think so, but I said that during the first surrogacy, so I guess we'll have to wait and see. I doubt I'll be a surrogate as many times as some Serial Surrogates, but I have at least one more in me . . . so it looks as if I'll need to hold off on starting my 12 step program.


Surromiracles said...

I hate it when people jump to the conclusion so quickly that we are just doing this for "attention" or for "money." They just don't get it. :(

Lumdeedums said...

I am only 9 wks pregnant with first surro babe and have already found another I would like to be a surro for after as long as I'm not a fruit cake after handing baby over. I don't think I will even remotley but when ppl keep telling u things over and over u almost believe them!
I do love the blog!

Texas Mom said...

This is amazingly awesome! Few in Texas have heard or embraced those with your blessed journey! :( that we cannot follow this journey as closely as your last one~ so write the book fast!

XAVELI said...

Hi! Your Blog is great! I was a surro with GG too! I gave birth to amazing brother and sister twins on 7/29/09 and am thinking about starting another Journey. Your blog is's got me thinking I want to get back to the blog I started back in 04/08 before I was preg. and only got around to posting 3 times on! Thanks!