Monday, March 31, 2008

Newsweek Article on Surrogacy

Talk about perfect timing, eh? Newsweek has an article on Surrogacy Although, it is even more interesting to read the comments. One stated that surrogates are uneducated and poor- talk about hitting the nail on the head with Rick and I, ha! Yeah, we're pretty destitute and regarding education, I call leaving school in the 8th grade an excellent choice. (FYI- for those of you who don't really know me, I'm totally joking . . I have a Masters in Education and Rick and I have done pretty well).

Although the part that scares me is within the comments people are advertising about being surrogates and looking for a surrogate. I would advise everyone to go through a reputable agency. There are several out there, mine is Growing Generations. The other part of the company is know as Fertility Futures. Here's an article about them in W from a few months back.

I guess I'll be buying Newsweek tomorrow on my way to work. I figure I can read part of it to the kids, or at least show them the pictures. They already have the book The Kangaroo Pouch and they love it. It's a story for young children about Surrogacy told through a kangaroo mom who's helping another kangaroo family. Preston and Ruby (my 2 oldest) totally get the idea of what I'm doing thanks to the book and of course meeting the Intended Parents. We even have a photo of them on our family photo table. It's actually pretty cute because Ruby has written about them in her journal for 1st grade.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Transfer Complete- Let the bed rest begin!

Transfer Day with G & S (Intended Parents)!

9:00 am Bagels at Noah's

10:30 Get Pregnant

So, this morning at 10:30 am 3 blastocysts where placed inside my uterus.
PhotobucketThe process feels a lot like a regular ol' Pap Smear But this time, when I walked out, I could be pregnant. That is actually one of Rick's jokes, "My wife went to LA for the weekend and came back pregnant."

After the transfer we came back to the hotel and I started my 36 hour stint of Bed rest. Here's what it looks like-

So- I'll be on rest duty for the next 36 hours. Since my own 3 kids are at home with Rick, it may actually be possible. I brought some work with me from the store and of course my computer so I should be set. There's also a nice flat panel TV on the wall, I'm just missing my own DVR. But I have a King size bed, 4 pillows and no one to fight over it with.

I'll go in April 7th for a blood test to confirm the pregnancy. Until then, I'll take it easy per the Dr. and keep my fingers crossed.

My 3 Hour Freak out . . .

I flew down to LA Thursday night and got set up in the hotel . . . The Beverly Hilton, that is!   Everything was going great until it was time for my shots.  It was the night I  had to give myself 2 shots but I  couldn't do it.  To procrastinate I decided to take a shower . . .  then dry my hair . . . then paint my nails . . . . then I loaded up the needles and began what turned into a three hour freak out.


I paced around, kept getting in the position, and counting 1-2-3 and when that didn't work, 3-2-1.  The movie The Replacements was on TV, then it ended- no shots completed . . . then Jay Leno started . . . and ended.  Finally, after hours of me trying to talk positively ("You can do it Kelly"), not so positively ("Don't Be Wimp"), reminders ("You've given birth 3 times, have tattoos, had piercings, you can do this") and using empathy ("These shots are the only thing standing in the way of their family,  just do it!")

I did it!  Did I mention that during the process I pricked myself a few times, not hard enough to insert the needle but hard enough to bleed . . . I think Law and Order and CSI call them "Hesitation Marks".  Of course the shots didn't hurt, I just blocked myself mentally . . . it's amazing how we can psych ourselves out over our fears.  Kind of like the first night Rick had to give me the shot.  The funny thing is I knew this, I kept telling myself this, but it still took a little over three hours!  

I was finally able to go to sleep and dream wonderful dreams of helping create a family for my friends, yeah.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Let's Get Knocked Up!

Our "Transfer Date" is set . . . . drum roll please . . . . Friday the 28th of March!

 This is when the Intended Parents Blastocysts will be placed in my uterus- oh, excuse me, I mean my beautiful uterus will receive the most gorgeous blastocysts the world has ever dreamed of .  (You think I'm joking, but the rumor is out, they are indeed gorgeous.  I hear Angelina Jolie is already trying to adopt them).  

But seriously, I almost envy those little blastocysts-  I love my house, but from what I hear, it's no where near as gorgeous as where they will be "shackin' up" for the next several months.   Feel free to doubt, but I've seen the ultrasounds . . . I know what I'm talking about :)

Anyway- I fly down Thursday night after teaching, have the transfer sometime Friday, bed rest for 24 hours and then  I fly back on Sunday.  

I have been getting ready for the transfer by taking prenatal vitamins and doing the Delestrogen shots every 3rd day.  I also started my Progesterone shots on Sunday and those will continue EVERYDAY from now until around the 8th week of pregnancy.  For those of you keeping count at home, that's 1 shot of Delestrogen every 3rd day + 1 shot of Progesterone every day = two very bruised butt cheeks.

Rick, my husband asked the other day if  "irritability" was one of the side effects from the injections.  (That would be a no, that's just a side effect of being married with 3 kids 6, 4 and 18 months).  But I have had some side effects  . . . a little weight gain, bloating and one or two I won't mention for your sake.

Well, I need to go, it's shot time!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Let the injections, I mean Fun, begin!

So last night was the first night Rick had to give me an injection.  In the end, everything was fine, but for a good 3-5 minutes I was totally freaking out!  

In case you don't know- I HATE shots, when I found out during our medical screening that I would be taking several injections- per month, but sometimes per week, I had to take a deep breath and remember why I was doing this (picture to the right) . . .  and I had to remind myself last night as well.

Close your eyes and try to imagine . . . my dear Rick, with limited medical knowledge and no IV drug experience what so ever,  filling up needles  and injecting set needle into a very fidgety, nervous as hell, Kelly.  

We were as close to "ready" as we were going to be . . . we had read the instructions (several times), we had studied the backside illustration, Rick had even marked up my backside with a pen.  Now if I could just stand still, we'd be in business.  But I couldn't!  I was pacing, sweating, freaking out completely . . .  to the point where Rick was getting a little frustrated.  I finally grabbed a pillow, bent my knee on the injection side and was waiting for the "90 degree angle", "dart like motion" event to occur.  When it did (as I was saying some gibberish out loud over and over) I thought, that was it?  Gosh, I'm such a wimp.

This isn't my medication, but of course, I find this after we try it the first time.  We will be watching this VIDEO before every injection, I'm sure.  FYI- this lady was much calmer than I was before my injection.  Oh, and in case you were wondering, my butt looks just like the one on the video, I just have a little more of it :)

The last few months- a long process

So, just to give you some history . . .  

Kelly applied to be a gestational surrogate towards the end of 2005.  However, while discussing the process, Rick (Kelly's husband) and Kelly decided to finish their own family before helping someone else.  So, her application was put on hold.

After weaning Sawyer, Kelly's last "Bio" kid, she contacted Growing Generations to proceed with the application process.  The next several weeks consisted of Kelly getting to an appropriate BMI (I've had 3 kids in just a few years people, get off my back) to be a surrogate.  Kelly had a phone interview and Rick and Kelly both flew to LA for Medical and Psychological Screenings. 

After that they found an AMAZING couple they wanted to work with.  Lucky for Rick and Kelly, the "Intended Parents" liked what they saw in Rick and Kelly's profile too.

In December 2007,  the 4 of them met, discussed everything and decided that it would be a great match.  Everyone was excited thinking about how there may be a little one (or two) the following Christmas .