Monday, December 27, 2010

My Ornaments Arrived!

I am so excited about my new ornaments. Now, every year when my family puts up our Christmas Tree and decorates it, I will remember my extended family, my two sets of surrogacy twins and their Daddies!

Here is the Ornament for my First Journey- "Natasha and Anjali
My Surro Girlies 11-28-08"

Here is the Ornament for my Second Journey- "The Wonder Twins
Gideon & Harper 10-12-10" although it photographed blue, but it's really lavender.

And here they are hanging on my tree!


Andrea said...


I can't wait to have one made from my journey!! =) Such a neat idea.

Jennifer said...

Those ornaments are adorable!!! Where did you get them?

Kristen said...

They really need to install a "Like" button on Blogger. I look for it constantly! Those are absolutely perfect! What a wonderful way to remember and Christmas is just the perfect time for warm fuzzy memories!