Saturday, May 16, 2009

Amost 1/2 year old!!

We're coming up to the girls 1/2 birthday- that's almost 6 months old for those of you that are "math impaired".

Here's a new picture of my sweet little surro-girlies. Is it me or do they get cuter with every month?

We are going to visit George, Sanj and the girls at the end of June. We're very excited to see everyone. George and Sanj are actually holding a BBQ Celebration in our honor. I was too pregnant (about 30 weeks) to make it to the Baby Shower, so now, I get to meet several of their friends post-delivery. The girls will also be 7 months on that date . . . so I'm sure I'll take lots of pictures to show everyone.

*For the record, this is a personal visit, Kelly's uterus will not be signing any autographs . . . however, if you play your cards right, guests will be able to take pictures with Kelly AND her uterus! Rumor has it, People Magazine and Maxim will be crashing the BBQ to get some photo's for their next Beautiful People and Hot 100 Issue. It is way too early to say for sure, but I'm thinking my uterus can land the cover! That's right Christina Applegate and Olivia Wilde, watch out.

Oh, and while I'm discussing magazine layouts, Hugh, stop calling me. My uterus and I refuse to pose for any photos for less than one million dollars, I don't care how good your articles are . . . but FYI, feel free to give The Advocate my number . . . I'm envisioning a very tasteful piece, with maybe just a little skin ;)

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JewelieP said...

I know I say this all the time, but they realy are the cutest babies in the world!