Sunday, June 14, 2009

Waiting . . . Waiting . . . Waiting . . . .

So we've reached the part of the process of surrogacy where you wait . . . and then wait some more.

There were a few revisions to the contract- Rick and I signed and mailed it off. Next, the IPs (who've already seen the contract and agree) sign it and we both get copies for our records. They have picked an egg donor and now we wait. I guess she just cycled for another couple so it will be a several weeks until she can cycle again. Rumor has it donors have to have 2 periods before they can start the medication to donate ova again.

So, you may be asking what I'm doing to pass the time while we wait. Well, as much as I keep talking about going to the Gym, that hasn't really happened yet (I swear, at some point in time I'll go). Besides running my children's store and my household, I've been completely obsessed (almost embarrassed to mention it) to the Twilight book series. My sister and tons of my friends loved them so I thought, "What the Heck?!" Since then, I've been reading whenever I get the chance and now I'm halfway through the third book (I started the series last week). This is a record for me. Since having kids, it takes me forever to get through a book, unless it's by David Sedaris. (Remember- I took one of his books with me to the hospital for my hospital stay last November)

Here's a hint as to why

So, I can make a guess the next several weeks will consist of working, waiting, playing with my kids, waiting, reading and or dreaming of Edward Cullen and Jacob Black, waiting and oh yes, I almost forgot, the Gym!

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Baby Maker said...

I sure do know how you feel with the is almost painful! Hopefully I should know something tomorrow though, we signed contracts last week... Good Luck