Sunday, March 28, 2010

The TMI Post

Some people may think that all the injections Surrogates have to take are the worst part of the process but it really isn't that bad. Sure there's a little pinch and there are times that you bruise or are sore afterwards but I know of at least one other side effect that most surrogates dislike even more than over 100 injections . . .

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you the glory that is "The Pastey Vagina".

Those of you who have not gone through IVF- I'm sure your minds are racing and you may have already figured this out, but let me break it down for you. After the embryo transfer, besides daily shots of Progesterone and every 3rd day shots of Delestrogen, most surrogates also have to take Progesterone Suppositories twice a day. When the suppositories break down in the vagina, the leave a lovely white paste. Usually I would describe the Pastey Vagina in even more (graphic) detail, perhaps even link to pictures, but I figure this time, I will skip if for your benefit. LOL

Yes, I know TMI (too much information) . . . unless you are contemplating being a surrogate and then are appreciative too get as much information as possible . . . or you are already a surrogate that has experienced the Pastey Vagina and could never share the "specialness" of it with anyone. Either way, You're Welcome!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

SMA- The Man Behind the Belly Part 1

This is Part 1 of a (who knows how many) Part Series.

One of the questions I get asked a lot about being a Surrogate Mom is how my husband feels about it. It's funny, sometimes the way people deliver their question, it's almost as if they think I "got one past him". Like one night at dinner, I bring up, "Hey honey, I'm pregnant and it's not yours . . . You were wondering where I was for several days a week ago . . . Yeah, that was me getting knocked up in LA without you."

I assure you, if you go through a legitimate agency, the husband/partner of the Surrogate knows. Yes, I had to fill out the (long) application online but both of us were put through a credit check, both of us were medically screened and both of us had to meet with a psychologist before being approved. There are numerous pages of legal paperwork that need to be completed before you start medication and transfer, all of which, both of us had to sign.

Surro-dad isn't really the correct term for it, he isn't a Surrogate Father, more like a Surrogate Mom's Assistant, or SMA. An SMA needs to be Financially Secure, Physically and Psychologically Healthy and Flexible. My SMA, Rick, received such high marks from me on his performance evaluations that I rehired him as my SMA for my second journey.

Some duties future SMA's need to know about:

* Injection Engineer- A lot of surrogate moms I know can't do their own injections, so the SMA, may need to jump in and give 1-2 shots a day for roughly 14 weeks . . . longer if you have a cancelled or failed transfer.

* Nurse at the Crazy Ward- Easier said than done . . . the shots I mention above can make the Surrogate Mom "a little Crazy" or more accurate, "a little hormonal" or in my case "a lot hormonal". I would assume the SMA has seen their partner through other pregnancies and periods, so they should already have some experience with short fuses and crying for no reason.

* Abstinence Club President- During the surrogacy process there are times where sex is a "no no". Of course you want to make sure the baby she's carrying isn't yours (sounds funny to say that, huh?). In our first journey my SMA's abstinence duty, besides before before/right after embryo transfer, started at around 26 weeks of pregnancy when our OB's Iron Fist of No Sex Came Down and continued until birth. Not an easy task for most men I know.

* Kid Wrangler- Of course they have experience with their own children but they may need to take a bigger part in daily tasks when the Surrogate Mom is out of town for the Embryo Transfer, down with Morning Sickness or Extreme Fatigue in the first trimester and when they're gone for a few days for the birth. Some other times where the SMA may need to do some extra duty . . . helping with the kids when she's gone for doctor's appointments, ultrasounds, or if she is put on bed rest.

* CRAVE-n-ator- the baby/babies may not be his but the cravings are still hers. An SMA may need to drive to the store for Ice Cream, Burritos, Pickles, you name it, at a time when other husbands/partners are fast asleep (or having sex) LOL. Don't mean to rub it in, just saying.

There will be several Surrogate Mom Supporters (SMS) through your journey . . . friends, family, co-workers, etc. but only one SMA, so if you haven't thanked them in a while, now may be a good time because not too many men would even attempt a journey like this. Heck, when George and Sanj threw the BBQ for us, one of the attendants told us the main reason he came was to meet Rick . . . the man behind my belly.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

A Sunday Visit with my girlies!

I finally found the USB attachment for my camera, so I was able to get to my pictures. Apparently, it had been awhile because there were pictures from Superbowl Sunday, the last time I was able to to see my surro girlies- and George and Sanj of course. I actually lucked out and Sanj's mom was there too. I hadn't seen Logi since a month after delivery when they all came up to my house for our Open House a.k.a. "meet the cuties that came out of Kelly's uterus" event for my friends.

Here are Natasha and Anjali hanging out reading some books


Here's Natasha

Here's Anjali

and here's a group pic of us (minus Sanj- who was the cameraman)

Not sure when will be the next time I will be able to see them. Originally, they wanted me to join them for a weekend trip to LA in April to visit Growing Generations and Pacific Fertility Center but my schedule wouldn't permit it. Kind of like our trip to the OB office and Hospital a few months back. I'm bummed I can't go but my mom is visiting and it's Easter weekend, so someone has to fill the baskets from the Big Bunny. I hope they take lots of pictures to share with us.