Wednesday, November 30, 2011

It's Pee Time!

Last week I had my transfer. So here I sit at 6dp5dt, six days past a five day transfer, and I got the go ahead from my IFs to do an at home pregnancy test. Now before we proceed, I'd like to revisit a conversation that took place in the transfer room. Now, I'm going to summarize, instead of quoting here . . .

Dr. K- Your uterus looks perfect.

Kelly- Thanks!

* Kelly's Uterus (blushes) *

Dr. K- We're only putting in one embryo. It is slow growing.


I have to admit that I was a little worried. Even though my IFs only want one child at a time and my OB and I would both prefer that I only carry one baby this time, it was a little scary that they were only putting in one . . . and then to tell me in so many words that it wasn't an "excellent" embryo. But I then told myself . . . we (my uterus and I) could do this. We had to.

So after the transfer I tried to put our conversation behind me and think good thoughts. I took my own advice, positive uterine talk, "I am a magic fountain."

For the next day I tried to be as lazy as possible, taking my bed rest very seriously. I started to notice that perhaps this would be a lucky trip when I started noticing my numbers around. Let me explain. I have a few lucky numbers that I always use when I play roulette and I saw them in a few different places during my trip to LA.


First, my room
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Then a painting in my room (that's a 3 on the horse if you can't see it)
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After I took a shower I noticed a sticker on my towel
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And then I go to my transfer
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I never saw 22 or maybe I did before I realized I was seeing my lucky numbers. Now I know it seems silly, but in a situation like this, I'll take all the luck I can get! I don't typically see my numbers all around so I thought all this is pretty cool. I know that all of a sudden this has turned into a longer post than you wanted . . . so back to the beginning.

I'm at 6dp5dt. I've had "tingly boobs" for the last few days, which is usually my clue that I'm pregnant. So I thought it would be a good time to start testing yesterday. So yesterday morning- negative. I was surprised because I have "tingly boobs". So I tried again around dinner time. Negative. I was dumbfounded. Then I reminded myself, they only put in one. I got a faint positive last time at 4dp5dt, but that was with twins. So right before I went to bed I peed again and I thought I saw a very faint positive, VERY FAINT. It would be a negative to a normal woman but we Surrogates have amazing vision when it comes to analyzing pregnancy tests.

This morning I decided to get out my less confusing digital test and here's what I got
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And in case someone can't interpret the words YES, here's a different one for you
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Next is my Beta Test on December 6th. That will be a confirmation of the positive test and that things are still going in the right direction. I'm just hoping that the "one slow growing embryo" doesn't split. Remember, an embryo splitting isn't a new thing for me.

For now- a big Congratulations to the Intended Parents and maybe a "Good Job" for my uterus. That makes me Three for Three on positive transfers and this one really needed to be timed right. Now, if I get the job I'm applying for, my delivery will be during the few months I'm not teaching- PERFECT!! As my fellow surro said, "Only you and your fanfucking AWESOME uterus can turn, "lesser quality" eggs into babIES! yes I said babIES!!" All I have to say to that is Baby Angele, BABY. ;)

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Transfer Time!

Sorry it's taken me a few days, but I've been busy with family since I returned from my embryo transfer.

So to make a long story short . . .

Monday 11/21- flew to LA after work. Met up with other Surros Misti and Stacie for dinner

Tuesday 11/22- Arrived at HRC Fertility and was told I would transfer on Thanksgiving day instead because embryos were looking good . . . 5 day transfer (instead of 3 day).

Skyped with my IPs (who couldn't be there with me).

Hung out with Stacie all day, including lunch with other Surrogate friends Andrea and Laura

Stacie and I tried to crash Growing Generations Offices' but we were too late, they had all left for the day. BOO!

Went to The Grove and found the perfect shade of red lipstick (that has been a goal for several years).

Wednesday 11/23- Hung out with Stacie in the morning. She gave me my shot (took several tries) before she flew back home.

That night, played with my new red lipstick

Thursday 11/24- Headed over to HRC early in the morning. Transferred one nice looking (but "slow growing") embryo into my welcoming uterus.

Here I am in the reflection of the window (can see the ultrasound machine, weanie wand and me half naked)

The Embryo!

The Embryo nestled into my lovely uterus (the white streak on the left)

I then went back to the hotel where I settled in for a full day of bedrest (more like "lazy time"). I spent my time grading Quizzes, Latex Projects and watching a marathon of The Twilight Zone and Friends Thanksgiving episodes. I was also able to Skype again with my IPs.

I also got this Good Luck Video from Natasha

Friday 11/25- Flew into the bay area to celebrate Thanksgiving with my family and hang out until Sunday, when we go to George and Sanj's to celebrate my Surrogirlies THIRD birthday!

****My Beta (blood test to determine pregnancy) happens on December 6th. Even though Dr. Kolb told me the embryo wasn't growing as fast as he'd like he assured me that the chances of a successful transfer are still good. I was a little nervous about his "slow growing" statements and of course only implanting one is an "all or nothing" scenario but I am staying positive.

It is now Sunday (very early) morning and I am having a few "boob issues". They have been a little tingly (usually my sign that I'm pregnant) and really heavy. We shall see . . .

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me!

My birthday was November 3rd. I turned 37, which I think makes me the world's oldest surrogate ;) No, I'm kidding but sometimes I feel that way. Sure I'm quickly approaching 40 but my uterus doesn't look a day over 22!

I wanted to share with you the best present I received this year

How cute are my surro-girlies?! I know what you're thinking, they look so big. Well, they'll be turning THREE in about a week or so, if you can believe that. And like every year since they've been born, my family and I have been invited to celebrate their birthday with them. (God, I love George and Sanj!)

I have their presents already wrapped and ready to go. Now I just need to go get knocked up next week and then go celebrate with my surro-girlies that weekend. Pictures to follow!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Game On!

I heard back today and it looks like I fly out Monday the 21st (after teaching) for a Tuesday, November 22nd (if they go 3 day) or Thanksgiving Day (if they go 5 day) Transfer.

Even though we ended up being 4 days later than the tentative schedule, I'll still be delivering in July or August, which is perfect if I get my new job. The EDD would be 8/11/12. My own kids came at 36, 37 and 38 weeks. My surro twins came at almost 39 weeks (I know, right?!) and 37 weeks.

I will be bringing my lucky green underwear and will be re-visiting my transfer blogs from the last two times, taking a stroll down
Memory Lane . . .

From my first transfer ever . . . . March 2008

Written at my last transfer February 2010

So here's to positive thinking and hoping for First Transfer Success. I am 2 for 2 so for . . . hoping we can let it ride!

Monday, November 14, 2011

We Interrupt Your Regularly Scheduled Program

Do you hear that? It's the sound of brakes . . .

So I got an email from Growing Generations today saying that instead of Harvesting, the Egg Donor has to continue to be monitored. Her next appointment is the 16th. If things are good she may harvest on the 17th, if not, more monitoring. Ugh! If you haven't figured it out yet, that means I will definitely not be transferring this Friday.

I am sooooo stressed out by this. Things were coming together so nicely. I wanted to transfer in November and when things were looking bad, they turned around and squeezed us in. I only had a few "black-out" dates, dates that won't work for me and they missed them all. I would've transferred on a Friday and been back in time to teach 7:30am on Monday. Now I don't know. I was really hoping to not miss any days teaching and had told them (and just reminded them) that I can't do a Monday and Wednesday . . I can do OR if need be but not both. We'll see what happens.

It's just so hard because I don't want to be the glitch . . . but at the same time I need to protect my future. I was hired as Long Term Temp at the College I've taught at for the last 9 years and now, there is a Full Time Tenure Track Position Open (with mainly Human Sexuality) and I'm not about to blow my chances by missing a week of work (Monday AND Wednesday). I have waited too long for this. At the same time I don't want to jepordize the guys chances of transferring ASAP either . . . not sure what the options are . . . . Can we just decided on a 3 day or 5 day instead waiting to make the decision? Can they have the ED "hover" on meds so she can harvest a few days later?

*Have I mentioned that all this is happening with elevated hormone levels? The fact that I'm still typing, instead of chucking this computer across the room is a big deal*

Honestly, I'd rather transfer around Thanksgiving and miss that than miss teaching. I wrote an email to the RE saying as much. Thanksgiving is NOT blacked out. I can eat Turkey with my family next weekend.

So everyone, keep your fingers crossed that I have one more thing to be Thankful for.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Should know very soon . . .

Today is the day that my IPs Egg Donor goes in to see if she's ready to "harvest". So, I should know in the next day or two the exact dates of my embryo transfer! As of now it's set for the 18th for a 3 day transfer or the 20th if a 5 day transfer. I still have yet to get my travel arrangements set, waiting for todays information.

I can't believe that I'll be pregnant (again) in less than a week. Will keep you posted.