Sunday, February 22, 2009

"Rain-Check", Literally!

Well, my visit with my surro-family had to be postponed. I'm a bit bummed but we're having quite the rainstorm and we all decided it was best to cancel the 3 hour drive in the rain and wind. We're trying to figure out a time in the next few weeks to get together. Maybe next weekend when Ruby and I will be down for a dance competition?

For now, here's an updated picture (above, left) of my surro-girlies, Anjali and Natasha at 12 weeks. Posted below are some reminders . . .

Here they are less than an hour old

Here they are, in my uterus about a week and a half before making their entrance

And here's a "Never seen before" picture of George and I in the room right after the Transfer of the embryos. Sanj is taking the picture. Photobucket

I'll keep you posted!

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JewelieP said...

Damn rain! I bet you can't wait to hold those adorable babies!!!!