Saturday, March 8, 2014

My Surrogirlies!

Things have been so crazy lately . . . and between Thanksgiving, Christmas and planning our upcoming wedding, I've been the worst blogger ever.  Sorry :(

Natasha and Anjali turned 5 a few months back and Erin (my fiance) and I were able to pay a visit before Christmas. We were able to spend some time with George, Sanj and the girls.

We met my first Surro family at Ghirardelli Square for the Christmas tree lighting!

We were able to have hot cocoa, catch up and listen to a band play Holiday music, including Feliz Navidad about 10 times.  Afterwards, we ate dinner and celebrated the girls birthday and Erin and my engagement.

The girls loved their art supplies we got them for their birthday.  They were so funny and even had "fun" taking this photo . . .  ahahahahah.  God, I love them!