Tuesday, June 30, 2009

It's the Least I could've done . . .

We headed up to the Bay Area this weekend for the Celebration that George and Sanj planned for my family. Months ago I was not able to attend the Baby Shower so we all decided after the birth of the girls, we'd do a little get together so I could meet some of their friends that I wasn't able to meet while big and round.

It was such an amazing day. I was able to meet dozens of the people George and Sanj hold so close. People who without a doubt will take part in the girls lives for years to come. It reminded me of the African Proverb, "It takes a Village to Raise a Child" . . . there were just so many incredible people that are in their "extended" family. I was able to spend time with most everyone and could imagine Anjali and Natasha learning marvelous things from them in the future.

The girls also had a record number of "wardrobe changes" throughout the event . . . not because they needed to, but because they could *wink, wink*
Here's Ruby and Natasha
Here's Anjali with Sawyer and Ruby
Here's Liliana with Anjali in my favorite outfit of the day
and let's not forget about the importance of accessorizing

One goal that I was able to fulfill this visit was the photography shot that had eluded me since the day they were born . . . me with both girls at once (notice another wardrobe change)! I'm not sure how every time I saw them, I'd leave without it, but I did . . . until Sunday!

Here we are!Photobucket

Oh, and here's the cake -notice a candle for each of us . . . Rick, Kelly, Ruby, Preston, Sawyer, George, Sanj, Natasha and Anjali!

I heard Thank you a lot that day . . . and people saying what an amazing thing we did. But you know what, I still don't get what's so amazing about what I did. Honestly, to me, it's the least I could do . . . perhaps a new phrase: Uterine Activism . . . I don't know if I give humanity more credit than it deserves, but I really don't think I did something THAT extraordinary . . . I helped complete a family . . . I didn't cure Cancer or end world hunger. I really think there are a lot more women out there who would do what I did in a heartbeat if they could just see the end product. (Again, another reason I continue to blog). I feel strongly and passionately about equality (reproductive equality, if you will) and I don't have money to donate to the cause, but I have a uterus that can easily send a message.

And for those of you I met Sunday, I know I will see you again and If I didn't already tell you at the BBQ, Thank you for being part of Natasha and Anjali's village.


COsurromommy said...

That's awesome! I'm right there with ya ;)

JewelieP said...

I agree with you completely! Sometimes, I think we are one in the same. I am continually amazed when people tell me that I am going to do something "extraordinary". To me, it's not like that at all. And I know you get it.

Baby Maker said...

awww they are ADORABLE!

My RE gave me "the speech" about how wonderful I am and what I am doing...and yeah I am doing something wonderful, but like you, I feel like it isn't that big huge thing....but then again, I know it is, and my IMs appreciate what I am doing for them.