Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Over 10,000 Hits!

WOW!!! I can't believe my little blog has reached the 10,000th hit mark! Actually, I'm more shocked that someone from Uganda, Tunisia and Nepal have visited my blog!

Perhaps I should leak some naked photos of someone to get 10,000 more hits in less than a day.
Tangent- why do people, including famous people, send naked photos of themselves on camera phones? When will they learn? Does it ever seem like a good idea? At least crop out your face . . . HELLO! Luckily, when I was wild and crazy Girls Gone Wild, digital cameras and cell phones weren't mainstream yet. Something about getting "a page" back in 1995 that you were Naked doesn't have the same effect. That's also back when we spelled things, instead of "I'm N8KD- LOL."

Back on topic . . . so my posts have been here and there but not much on my new journey. I have been advised that I should keep my next surrogacy in a private journal, so that when I decide to write a book on Surrogacy, that all my experiences won't already be out there. I'm still debating on whether I want it to be Non-Fiction (like my blog currently) or if I should do a novel that is Fiction loosely based on my experiences . . . think of a sober, non-smoking Bridget Jones pregnant with another couples baby . . . it just might work.

I will continue to check in and keep you updated on my first surro-family and I'd love to continue to have new people read my blog. Even though my first journey is now in the past, I think it still sends a great message about Surrogacy and debunks some myths about surrogate mothers. It also is another great story of two beautiful souls becoming parents . . . that just happen to be men. Feel free to pass it on, then maybe I'll be writing a post one day about my 1,000,000th hit! Perhaps, more women will see that it may be a journey they can go on . . . and help create families in the process.

For those of you new readers who just happened upon this, here's my advice . . . Go back to the begining and read it in chronological order. The best way to do this is to click on 2008, then select by month (starting with March) . . . then you go to the bottom of the page and work your way up. Or you can click on the arrow by March and click on each post as you go. For those of you looking for pictures of the birth, that would be the end of November! :)

If you're thinking about using Surrogacy to help create your family or if you're an Amazing Woman who wants to help others, be it surrogacy or egg donation, check out the agency I chose to use both times, Growing Generations.

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Gina said...

Love, the blog--but I stumbled here after reading another surrogate site.
Short story: My sister is going to be a surrogate for my husband and me next year and we have been doing research for the past couple of months. We plan to do TS with her egg as well. I am not 100% sure the costs we will incur, but I just went to the link of the site you suggested us all consider if deciding to surrogacy.....was it seriously 120k???