Tuesday, January 17, 2012

We have arms and legs!

I REPEAT, WE HAVE ARMS AND LEGS! Specifically, two arms and two legs.

Here's one of the ultrasound pictures from my 10 week appointment. I love how much change happens at the very beginning. Blastocyst, to white mark to bean to something that looks like it will eventually be a baby! Today during the ultrasound, this little man was wiggling around so much. It was like he was making Uterus Angels or something . . . arms and legs flailing about! So fun!

I was also able to have my OB appointment today too. It was great seeing Dr. Park. I haven't seen him for almost a year. However, when I called to make the appointment and tell them that I was using my own insurance, they all jumped to the conclusion it was mine. Hahahahahhah, yeah, I am so done having my own babies, not to mention that THANK (enter your deity here) that this isn't mine, since my husband just bailed on me last month.

Another cool thing is that I was able to take the photo books N & D (my past IFs) made of Gideon and Harper's first year (part of my Christmas Present) to share with the office. They loved seeing how big they have gotten and I was glad I was able to share them. It's hard not being able to share tons of pictures of my surro-wonder twins, especially ones of me with them.

Dr. Park and I talked about how I was feeling (physically and emotionally) and discussed a plan of action for this pregnancy. He stated that because in my last two c-sections I didn't make it to the scheduled dates, that he'll schedule me at 38 weeks for my c-section. This will also help out in the fact that my IPs will be making a much longer journey to be with me when I deliver their son. There is no, "Quick, my water broke" flight out of Australia. I'm sure from July 15th on, I'll be crossing my legs hoping they make it! ;) We are due 8/11/12, so that would put our c-section towards the end of July.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

8 weeks Check-in

Had my 8 week ultrasound and blood work done this week. Things are looking great. The embryo measured 8 weeks, 2 days, so right on schedule. We were able to see the heart beat and hear it too. His heart rate was at 174. Next week, he will graduate and from 9 weeks on he'll be called a fetus.

My blood work was great too. So great, that they are starting to ween me off the meds. Dr. Kolb took me off the delestrogen shots that I had to do every three days for the last several weeks and he took me off the lozenges. I still have to take all my different vitamins and daily Progesterone shots and I'm down to three, instead of four suppositories a day. If you're interested, I did a blog entry about my daily medications/vitamins over at The Next Family site. Feel free to check it out.

I have one more ultrasound scheduled at 10 weeks, then I'll be sent to my OB. So far, no food cravings or aversions that I've noticed this time around. I am feeling good, pregnancy wise. Minimal morning sickness, like always. Although I am pretty tired. This is pretty right on for the first trimester and then with what is going on in my personal life, it makes total sense. I am looking forward to the second trimester, when my energy usually returns!