Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A Growing Generations Story on Nightline!

Growing Generations and one of their amazing families was featured on ABC's Nightline this week in a segment entitled Ultra-Modern Family. It was about Scotch, Todd and surrogate Kristy's journey as they create the lives of 3 beautiful babies . . . Yes- three! If you're unable to watch, the segment is available online at: LINKED HERE

And here's a link to something Scotch wrote about his and Todd's Journey to Parenthood. CLICK HERE

Lastly, a teaser on Oprah- CLICK HERE.

I'll be DVRing it and will write comments later. Hoping it's great PR on Surrogacy!

***UPDATE- My comments on the Nightline Segment***

So, first thing is first . . . I actually really liked this segment on Nightline. A few reasons? Well, it dealt with my agency, gay fathers and a surrogate who isn't "down and out". Not to mention the person they had on to discuss the "other side" didn't come off as a total as*hole and make me want to throw something at the TV.

* I liked what Stuart, one of the CEO's of Growing Generations had to say. I thought he did a nice job, even discussing the adoption arguemnet that a lot of people bring up. However, if I can interject, and I know I've said this before, why don't people ask straight couples who are having babies why they didn't adopt?

* Kristy, the surrogate, is a teacher, married, with 3 of her own children. Do you know what that means? She has a College Education, makes decent money without Surrogacy and Nightline even commented about how she wanted to work with a gay couple. Were we seperated at birth? LOL Although, I did find it funny they mentioned that Growing Generations' Surrogates make around $30,000 . . . let me tell you, first time surrogates with a singleton or twins don't receive that in compensation, even a second time surrogate with singleton wouldn't be compensated $30,000. But I think it's safe to say that most Women at Growing Generations are Surrogates for other reasons besides the compensation.

And I loved how the IPs talked about how Kristy and her family are part of their family and will be forever . . . see, it's not just George, Sanj and my family!

*Glenn Stanton from Focus on The Family, which is an anti-gay organization, seemed to be the counter point of the segment. However, he either didn't communicate well or parts of what he said were cut in the editing room because the statements he made could've really been taken either way. It wasn't overt hate or yelling and since I know it was supposed to be the anti-gay parenting/surrogacy view, I was a bit confused. I felt that the way I interpreted what he said wasn't all that negative. The only really "in your face" part was when they showed a clip of several of their posters/handouts . . . "You don't have to be Gay" "Preventing Homosexuality," etc.

He mentions the re-writing of the human script on what makes a family . . . is that supposed to be negative? There are lots of things that need to be revised through time (i.e. who has the right to vote? who has the right to marry?) Glenn says, "Now, we're saying that parenting is not about being male and female but about any grouping of adults who have a good heart and the love towards the child. And that is a radical, humanly radical statement." Not sure what makes parents who "have a good heart and love towards the child" a radical statment- to me seems to be a no-brainer. Of course, he's talking about the fact that the parents are the same gender as radical . . . eh?? I don't see it. :)

Oh- and when I went to Focus on the Family's website, their tagline is "Helping Families Thrive", but since they don't want all families to thrive, only straight ones (with a mom and a dad) perhaps they should revise their tagline . . . . how about "Helping Straight Married Families Thrive" or something to that tune?

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Not a Surrogate, but Pregnant and had to share

I think this video is hysterical! I love seeing Pregnant ladies dance . . . . and this one can actually hold her own. I'm not sure if I'm more impressed by her dance moves or that fact she can still wear sneakers (I'm always banished to flip-flops around 25 weeks), Now I hate to spoil it, but her water doesn't break at the end . . . .

The other one I love is a skit Amy Poehler did on SNL called "I'm no Angel" . . . where she's pregnant and hanging out at a bar, with a little dance sequence in it. LOVE IT but can never find it online. *sigh*

Monday, September 13, 2010

It's a great month to be an Ashley!

Sharing some great news . . . .

First of all, my friend Ashley (who I referred to Growing Generations) had her transfer and found out a few days ago her Beta Test was positive! Yeah! She'll have her ultrasound soon to confirm the pregnancy is continuing and to see if there's one or two.

My other surro friend Ashley (who I've mentioned on my blog before) gave birth to her surro triplets and everyone is doing well.
To read her birth story, see pictures of some huge almost 32 week triplet princesses click HERE!

I can't imagine triplets- whoa!