Thursday, June 25, 2009

You do the Math!

So my 7.5 year old daughter, Ruby, said to me today, "Did you know you've had FIVE babies?" Then she follows with, " . . . and it could be SIX or SEVEN!"

I have thought about this and man, that's a lot! Of course only 3 are my own . . . and then my surro-girlies Natasha and Anjali . . . and now that I'll be a surrogate again, it could be one or two more. What I find amusing about this is that really, in less than a year, I may be able to say, "I've had Seven Babies by 5 different men!" LOL!!! I won't share that comment with Ruby, but I knew you all were game!

In case you need the break down . . . .
my three kids by my husband Rick
twins by George and Sanj
either a singleton or twins from my upcoming surrogacy

* To really confuse you, let's throw in the fact it's really by 5 different men and 3 different women . . . myself and 2 different egg donors!


AnGèLe said...

7 babies by 5 different men! LMAO!

Kelly's dad said...

Janice sees those stats in Juvenile Court every day. What's so remarkable about that? No wait. Yours were all intentional, done out of love and none are in "the system", aka Social Services and the courts. Never mind.

Just for grins, do the math leaving out Ruby, Preston & Sawyer and imagine you had not had twins. Now there's a headline!

Heather said...

Do you know how many times I have thought of my 'numbers' too - cracks me up!

If we have a success with my upcoming journey my numbers will be the same -

6 or 7 babies total
5 different men
3 different women.