Tuesday, June 30, 2009

It's the Least I could've done . . .

We headed up to the Bay Area this weekend for the Celebration that George and Sanj planned for my family. Months ago I was not able to attend the Baby Shower so we all decided after the birth of the girls, we'd do a little get together so I could meet some of their friends that I wasn't able to meet while big and round.

It was such an amazing day. I was able to meet dozens of the people George and Sanj hold so close. People who without a doubt will take part in the girls lives for years to come. It reminded me of the African Proverb, "It takes a Village to Raise a Child" . . . there were just so many incredible people that are in their "extended" family. I was able to spend time with most everyone and could imagine Anjali and Natasha learning marvelous things from them in the future.

The girls also had a record number of "wardrobe changes" throughout the event . . . not because they needed to, but because they could *wink, wink*
Here's Ruby and Natasha
Here's Anjali with Sawyer and Ruby
Here's Liliana with Anjali in my favorite outfit of the day
and let's not forget about the importance of accessorizing

One goal that I was able to fulfill this visit was the photography shot that had eluded me since the day they were born . . . me with both girls at once (notice another wardrobe change)! I'm not sure how every time I saw them, I'd leave without it, but I did . . . until Sunday!

Here we are!Photobucket

Oh, and here's the cake -notice a candle for each of us . . . Rick, Kelly, Ruby, Preston, Sawyer, George, Sanj, Natasha and Anjali!

I heard Thank you a lot that day . . . and people saying what an amazing thing we did. But you know what, I still don't get what's so amazing about what I did. Honestly, to me, it's the least I could do . . . perhaps a new phrase: Uterine Activism . . . I don't know if I give humanity more credit than it deserves, but I really don't think I did something THAT extraordinary . . . I helped complete a family . . . I didn't cure Cancer or end world hunger. I really think there are a lot more women out there who would do what I did in a heartbeat if they could just see the end product. (Again, another reason I continue to blog). I feel strongly and passionately about equality (reproductive equality, if you will) and I don't have money to donate to the cause, but I have a uterus that can easily send a message.

And for those of you I met Sunday, I know I will see you again and If I didn't already tell you at the BBQ, Thank you for being part of Natasha and Anjali's village.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Fathers' Day!

Between Ruby's Dance Recital, Preston's birthday and our own Father's Day BBQ at my house, I just realized that I forgot to upload my blog post for Father's Day! YIKES! So here you go-

Happy Fathers' Day George and Sanj! Can you believe it's been almost 7 months since your daughters arrived? A year and a half since we first met you! It's amazing how even on paper in your profile for Growing Generations, Rick and I could see what great dads you would make . . . and here you are . . . surviving twins, celebrating life and blossoming into wonderful fathers!

Fathers' Love . . .







and lastly, an article Gay couple loves challenge of fatherhood that I found in the Windy City Times.

You do the Math!

So my 7.5 year old daughter, Ruby, said to me today, "Did you know you've had FIVE babies?" Then she follows with, " . . . and it could be SIX or SEVEN!"

I have thought about this and man, that's a lot! Of course only 3 are my own . . . and then my surro-girlies Natasha and Anjali . . . and now that I'll be a surrogate again, it could be one or two more. What I find amusing about this is that really, in less than a year, I may be able to say, "I've had Seven Babies by 5 different men!" LOL!!! I won't share that comment with Ruby, but I knew you all were game!

In case you need the break down . . . .
my three kids by my husband Rick
twins by George and Sanj
either a singleton or twins from my upcoming surrogacy

* To really confuse you, let's throw in the fact it's really by 5 different men and 3 different women . . . myself and 2 different egg donors!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Waiting . . . Waiting . . . Waiting . . . .

So we've reached the part of the process of surrogacy where you wait . . . and then wait some more.

There were a few revisions to the contract- Rick and I signed and mailed it off. Next, the IPs (who've already seen the contract and agree) sign it and we both get copies for our records. They have picked an egg donor and now we wait. I guess she just cycled for another couple so it will be a several weeks until she can cycle again. Rumor has it donors have to have 2 periods before they can start the medication to donate ova again.

So, you may be asking what I'm doing to pass the time while we wait. Well, as much as I keep talking about going to the Gym, that hasn't really happened yet (I swear, at some point in time I'll go). Besides running my children's store and my household, I've been completely obsessed (almost embarrassed to mention it) to the Twilight book series. My sister and tons of my friends loved them so I thought, "What the Heck?!" Since then, I've been reading whenever I get the chance and now I'm halfway through the third book (I started the series last week). This is a record for me. Since having kids, it takes me forever to get through a book, unless it's by David Sedaris. (Remember- I took one of his books with me to the hospital for my hospital stay last November)

Here's a hint as to why

So, I can make a guess the next several weeks will consist of working, waiting, playing with my kids, waiting, reading and or dreaming of Edward Cullen and Jacob Black, waiting and oh yes, I almost forgot, the Gym!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Back from Canada!

I talked to George tonight - I'm still high from it :) We were discussing their recent trip to Canada- the girls first plane ride and visit to Appachchi since she left a few months after they were born. I can't even begin to imagine the joy she must have had seeing her little grand babies and being able to show them off to her friends and family that had yet to meet them. George says the girls traveled very well (better than my kids it sounds).

A few months back I sent George and Sanj a blog about some new parents (via surrogacy) who also happen to be gay . . . and the craziness that insued while attempting to make a trip to visit the grandparents. "Where Did You Get Them," was written by Max Mutchnick. Perhaps my new IPs would get a kick out of reading this too.

It was really nice to speak about the new journey with George as well. I wasn't able to speak with Sanj, maybe in the next few days. George told me that they have talked a bit about what's next for me and have been thinking back to when we all first started our journey . . . about how great it was to get to know me in the first few months (I love that part of the process too) and about how Sanj and he are very excited to support me in my new journey. They are really amazing. That is one of the side effects of surrogacy . . . you add more people to your circle of friends and family. People who are awesome and loving and want more than anything to be parents. When I think about the Parents (and soon to be Parents) I've meet, I wonder if Anjali and Natasha will ever meet my next surro-kiddos or if George and Sanj will ever meet J and S. That would be one cool lunch date!