Tuesday, November 30, 2010

25 Random Things about Kelly

I did this activity a while ago when it went around Facebook . . . I am not going to edit it, since most is still true (except for my age, I'm 36 now. And the fact that I've completed my Second Surrogacy Journey, not just thinking about doing it again).

1. I'm a very loyal friend, if someone is messing with someone I care about (in high school or at the age of 34) I will take them out and not think twice about it.

2. Some people say I'm the funniest person they know (They've got a great sense of humor).

3. Some people totally don't get my jokes/comments (what's their problem?)

4. I thank "enter your deity here" everyday Girls Gone Wild wasn't around when I was younger and "going wild" . . . my breasts were amazing and I didn't mind showing them off every now and then, ahhhhh memories.

5. Being a surrogate mother was one of the most emotionally rewarding things I've ever done . . . and I think I may do it for just one more couple (It was that awesome)!

6. I worry that my daughter will grow up to be bitchy, so I've tried to talk to her since she started school about how to be a great friend and never say anything about someone that you wouldn't say to their face.

7. I'm used to being good at things, so when I'm not, I get frustrated and want to quit (I hate that about me).

8. I do too much and it's hard for me to say no when I know people need my help.

9. Every now and then, I look around at my house and family and wonder how I can have all of this? I still feel like I'm not an adult sometimes, like I was just in high school 3 years ago.

10. I want to punch people in the throat when they say something is "gay" . . . get a new fucking adjective, one that fits.

11. Did I mention I have the mouth of a sailor?

12. I have a dolphin tattoo and a butterfly tattoo- and apparently tons of women do- but I chose mine because I used to swim competitively and butterfly was my best stroke.

13. I had sex too early but wouldn't take back anything that I did in the past because it made me who I am today . . . . it helped me realize I wanted to teach other people that sex doesn't equal love and it's not something to be ashamed of or taken lightly.

14. I'm addicted to my computer, seriously, I am.

15. When I watch BIG LOVE I think about what it would be like to have other wives with me, and I think I could make it work.

16. I hate it when people use religion as fact in a discussion. I don't believe in God, so your argument holds no validity with me . . . but feel free to have your own beliefs- just don't assume everyone has your faith.

17. Speaking of which, If your god was so against homosexuality wouldn't it have been in his "Top Ten" . . so maybe people should use their "church money" to keep people who steal, murder, commit adultery and work on Sundays from getting married.

18. I am for equal rights- and no one can make me believe ANYONE should have any less rights than I do.

19. I'm glad we don't have any pets.

20. The three movies where I cried the hardiest (heaving chest, can't breathe, barely consolable) were Schindler's List, The Green Mile and Brokeback Mountain.

21. I'd like to teach full time at my college but SOMEONE won't fucking retire.

22. Songs on the radio "take me back" and sometimes to places and people I shouldn't think about.

23. When I read the description of a Scorpio, it is true (for me).

24. There is nothing wrong Masturbation at any age.

25. I don't want to lose my children, but I can't wait to see what kind of people they grow up to be.

I see your 25 and raise you 1 more . . .

26. I have a wild imagination. Sometimes I'll think about if a robber comes in, or if this happens- what will I do and I'll work out an ENTIRE plan in my mind about how I'm going to get my family out safely . . . .. did I mention we're sitting in Baskin Robbins?


AnGèLe said...

We would totally be GREAT friends in real life!! We are so alike its kinda scary!! You must be a fantastic person! :P

Missy Bowyer said...

I was thinking the same thing! I like this ALOT!!!!!

McMama said...

GAH! I love you! Seriously, I was nodding and relating the whole time. :) I probably should be friends with your other two commenters, too. :)