Saturday, November 13, 2010

Slideshow of Belly- Journey #2

Since D and N (the Intended Parents from my second journey) lived farther away, I did a much better job of taking belly pics this time around. When I look at this slideshow I really wish I would've done this with my own children and Natasha and Anjali.

As of now the "Wonder Twins Complete Journey" starts at our positive home pregnancy test and ends with me in my hospital gown, going in for my C-section. Enjoy!*

*For those of you that are other surrogates carrying twins, don't let my belly scare you . . . I can get big! :)


Angele said...

Gorgeous slideshow!

You make pregnancy look GOOD!!

Jennifer said...

Love the baby belly pics. Hopefully I will be posting some by next year. I am working on my first surrogacy and supposed to transfer mid december.