Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Ricky Martin on Oprah Winfrey

Oprah isn't one of the shows I normally watch (I'm an Ellen girl) but since Ricky Martin was on today and he is a gay male who used a Surrogate to have his twins, I had to DVR it . . . . that's right up my alley! :)

It was great to watch him be so at ease with himself after denying who he was for so long. I swear I teared up several times during the hour long program.

Now onto the Surrogacy part. He stated that he used a Surrogate and it was similar to a Private Adoption and implied that the surrogate didn't know who he was, that she just wanted to carry the babies and get on with her life and that a lot of Surrogates preferred it like this.

Hmmmmmm . . . I guess that type of Surrogate exists but I have yet to meet (online or in person) a Surrogate who didn't want to form some sort of friendship with the Intended Parents. This sounds a lot like the "Womb for Rent" views that drive me nuts. I can't imagine carrying babies for someone and never meet them, not share the months that their babies are growing, and not seeing their faces the very moment their children are born. I understand he's famous but it can be done.

Sure, certain parts may leak, but it is doable . . . it is possible to meet and form a friendship over the journey. Have them there for the embryo transfer, various ultrasounds and appointments, spend time with the surrogate and her family, etc. Surrogacy can already seem surreal for IPs . . . meet your surrogate, possibly see them a few times (if you don't live too far away) and then, BAM- you have babies. This must have been super Surreal for Ricky . . . interview your Surrogate on the phone and then get your twins months later. Who knows, maybe they talked on the phone or emailed or had a secret blog . . . something to share the information about the pregnancy. Or maybe I'm letting my personal feelings about Surrogate/IP relations get in the way and this woman really was perfectly fine carrying babies for a man she met over the phone . . . who just happened to be Ricky Martin. Stranger things have happened.


AnGèLe said...

I agree 100%. I could not carry a child (children) for someone I did not know. Part of me needed to know who the parent(s) was(were) because I am helping bring a child into this home. I am so very blessed to have a great ongoing friendship with my surrodaughters father! I couldnt imagine it any other way! :)

Renee said...

I also watched the show. I was shocked by this closed surrogancy. I would never agree to this personally. I am carry for a gay couple and they want to know everything. I am more then happy to share with them. Your right about rent a womb. I feel this is to inpersonal.