Thursday, December 2, 2010

Look Who's Two

Finally, the pictures I promised. I am only going to include a few since I don't want you to overdose on cuteness.

Here's Ruby with Anjali- the girls are wearing the silly sacs we gave them for their birthday. A monkey for Natasha and a cow for Anjali (which I hear, days later, they are still wearing)

When we ate lunch, Anjali insisted on sitting on Rick's lap

Here's our try at a group picture. Even though it was 1 day before their second birthday, they have already mastered the skill of not cooperating for family photos :)

And Last, here's a video of singing Happy Birthday. My apologies (in advance) for our singing voices :) Not sure how to make it smaller so if you'd rather, here's the LINK


SurroMom said...

They are so stinking cute!! What a great picture!!

Anonymous said...

Those girls are so cute and PRETTY! And your children are amazing. You are such an amazing mother by teaching your own children acceptance and love. You are a MODEL family.
-The same happily-married IF's as before.

AnGèLe said...

You cannot overload on this cuteness! So wonderful you got to spend time with them on their 2nd bday! You are amazing! xo