Thursday, October 23, 2008

Goodbye Glowing, Hello Swelling!

The days of cute, glowing pregnant woman are behind me. Welcome the days of, "Wow, when are you due?" big ol' pregnant chick. My husband Rick told me last night when I was brushing my teeth in the buff that my belly had grown 10 times its size in the last week or so. Nice. If Dr. Knight hadn't already quashed our sex life, I would've last night after that comment. Actually, not really, as Rick was telling the truth. The funny part about it is that with clothes on I look like your normal third trimester preggo lady, but when I lift up my shirt to show the "select few" that I deem worthy, they gasp in amazement of how much bigger it looks in its natural glory.

The other body parts that are out of control are my feet, ankles and calves. During every pregnancy I tend to swell towards the end. I was actually bragging just last week about how it had not happened yet. Well, if my foot could fit in my mouth, or even reach it, I'd insert it. What's interesting this time around is that my right foot/ankle/calf (a.k.a cankle) is larger than the left. Don't get me wrong, both are noticeably swollen . . . but the left is pregnancy swollen, where the right is Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man swollen.

I think it's safe to say that my dreams of being a shoe model in the upcoming weeks have been crushed. I took a few pictures last night for the blog, but since it has been months since I could reach my feet, my toenails aren't looking so cute. And honestly, if I'm going to post an unflattering picture of my ever swelling cankles, then damn it, my toes are going to look gorgeous. So- you'll have to wait for that picture . . . and here it is!

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