Sunday, September 7, 2008

Dr. Knight's Iron Fist of NO SEX comes down-

Had my OB appointment the other day and things were going well . . . I gained a pound in the last 2 weeks which puts my total weight gain at 12 pounds so far. Dr. Knight was very happy with my weight stating at this rate I will have gained more with each of my singleton pregnancy's than this twin pregnancy. (Again, I'm known for "packing it on"- so doing this well wasn't really expected). I think it has something to do with the fact that the girls aren't mine. Kind of like when you're watching a friend's child and you realize you do a better job at their safety than your own children's. No, my kids don't walk around with knives or play in the street (and no one has stuck a fork through their nose) but I'm at 100% Mommy when I'm in charge of Someone Else's child.

Back to the appointment- did a quick ultrasound to check heart rates and they were great. Talked about a little ankle swelling and Dr. Knight reminded me of what I'm not supposed to be doing . . . "No working, No exercise, No excessive walking, No Sex . . ." I said, "Wait, what was that last one?" Sure enough, I heard correctly- Dr. Knight says from now on, I shouldn't have sex or orgasms because it could trigger labor. Now I have to admit, this was a surprise of sorts. I remember when Rick and I were going through the counseling part of Growing Generations we discussed how we may have to be abstinent for a while. Of course, I was just thinking around the time of hormones and the transfer. Never having twins, I didn't really think about the whole labor part. Usually within a normal pregnancy, sex is fine up until your water breaks . . . but NOT for us this time, because multiple fetuses aren't normal. So, if you see Ricky walking around with his head in the clouds and a black band around his arm, give him a pat on the back, or the name of a really great movie * wink, wink *

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DK Brown said...

Kelly: never read your blog but picked it up because of your comment on the Poop. Bummer re the No Sex rule. My wife delivered our twins at 38 weeks and we were active (not as active as with our singeltons) until, well, 37 weeks and 6 days. I respect what you are doing a lot. Not sure I could do the same (not sure what could be the male equivalent to approximate what you are doing).