Thursday, October 16, 2008

Banana Chocolate Vivanno, mmm, mmm, Good!

Everyone who has ever been pregnant or been around someone who was pregnant knows that most "expecting" women tend to have food cravings and I am no different.

When I was pregnant with Ruby it was cheese, specifically Pumped Nacho Cheese. Sadly, there was a Taco Bell across the street from where I taught high school at the time . . . this is probably one of the biggest reasons I gained so much weight with Ruby. To this day Ruby LOVES cheese and will eat it everyday if we have it in the fridge. With Preston it was Fuji Apples . . . although, you'd think since it was a healthier craving I wouldn't have gained so much with him, but I digress. Nowadays, I would say Preston eats about 5 apples a week, easy. With Sawyer it was anything sweet and he is my little candy man. He will ask at 8:00 am for a lollipop. No, I don't give it to him, but he tries several times a day to get cookies, candy or even fruit flavored gummy vitamins.

You may be wondering what it is this time around. Well, it's actually a few things. First off, I have single handedly kept the Gridley Starbucks in business with my excessive need for their Banana Chocolate Vivanno. A lot of other people I've talked to say they think it's chalky or doesn't really taste like Chocolate. To me, it's Heaven. It reminds me of a Carob Banana milkshake my dad and I used to share when I was about Ruby's age. My thoughts are that they are better for me (and the babies) than the Mint Mocha Chip Frap that I'm really jonesing for.

Food wise, I am constantly craving either Pepperoni Pizza or these wonderful Cheese Bread Sticks from a local place called Pizza Round-up. The bummer about this craving is my Nirvana is immediately followed by Heart Burn, "Damn you Bread sticks!" Lastly, I tend to daydream about Mexican Food. I rarely give into this one because my need for cheese enchiladas and refried beans doesn't outweigh my need for peace at dinner . . . taking my 2 year old out to eat anywhere is a headache waiting to happen.

I have not given in to my cravings as much with this pregnancy as I have in the past. I'm positive this must be the reason I have only gained about half the weight this time around (even though it's twins). With that being said, I still have a few weeks to go . . . which means dozens more Vivannos, bread sticks and possibly a Mexican Take-out plate or two . . . so perhaps I should save the "pat on my own back" until I actually deliver. Umm, speaking of delivery, do I smell pizza?

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