Monday, March 10, 2008

The last few months- a long process

So, just to give you some history . . .  

Kelly applied to be a gestational surrogate towards the end of 2005.  However, while discussing the process, Rick (Kelly's husband) and Kelly decided to finish their own family before helping someone else.  So, her application was put on hold.

After weaning Sawyer, Kelly's last "Bio" kid, she contacted Growing Generations to proceed with the application process.  The next several weeks consisted of Kelly getting to an appropriate BMI (I've had 3 kids in just a few years people, get off my back) to be a surrogate.  Kelly had a phone interview and Rick and Kelly both flew to LA for Medical and Psychological Screenings. 

After that they found an AMAZING couple they wanted to work with.  Lucky for Rick and Kelly, the "Intended Parents" liked what they saw in Rick and Kelly's profile too.

In December 2007,  the 4 of them met, discussed everything and decided that it would be a great match.  Everyone was excited thinking about how there may be a little one (or two) the following Christmas .

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mtomas said...

Wow, what an interesting video... I am sure Ricky is much better than Dee was at here first attempt to use me as her nursing "test dummy". Ask her about that one day :)

Good luck Mrs.Irritability : )