Monday, March 10, 2008

Let the injections, I mean Fun, begin!

So last night was the first night Rick had to give me an injection.  In the end, everything was fine, but for a good 3-5 minutes I was totally freaking out!  

In case you don't know- I HATE shots, when I found out during our medical screening that I would be taking several injections- per month, but sometimes per week, I had to take a deep breath and remember why I was doing this (picture to the right) . . .  and I had to remind myself last night as well.

Close your eyes and try to imagine . . . my dear Rick, with limited medical knowledge and no IV drug experience what so ever,  filling up needles  and injecting set needle into a very fidgety, nervous as hell, Kelly.  

We were as close to "ready" as we were going to be . . . we had read the instructions (several times), we had studied the backside illustration, Rick had even marked up my backside with a pen.  Now if I could just stand still, we'd be in business.  But I couldn't!  I was pacing, sweating, freaking out completely . . .  to the point where Rick was getting a little frustrated.  I finally grabbed a pillow, bent my knee on the injection side and was waiting for the "90 degree angle", "dart like motion" event to occur.  When it did (as I was saying some gibberish out loud over and over) I thought, that was it?  Gosh, I'm such a wimp.

This isn't my medication, but of course, I find this after we try it the first time.  We will be watching this VIDEO before every injection, I'm sure.  FYI- this lady was much calmer than I was before my injection.  Oh, and in case you were wondering, my butt looks just like the one on the video, I just have a little more of it :)

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Tori said...

Hi Kelly!
You're much more brave than you give yourself credit for! YOU ARE MY HERO!