Monday, March 24, 2008

Let's Get Knocked Up!

Our "Transfer Date" is set . . . . drum roll please . . . . Friday the 28th of March!

 This is when the Intended Parents Blastocysts will be placed in my uterus- oh, excuse me, I mean my beautiful uterus will receive the most gorgeous blastocysts the world has ever dreamed of .  (You think I'm joking, but the rumor is out, they are indeed gorgeous.  I hear Angelina Jolie is already trying to adopt them).  

But seriously, I almost envy those little blastocysts-  I love my house, but from what I hear, it's no where near as gorgeous as where they will be "shackin' up" for the next several months.   Feel free to doubt, but I've seen the ultrasounds . . . I know what I'm talking about :)

Anyway- I fly down Thursday night after teaching, have the transfer sometime Friday, bed rest for 24 hours and then  I fly back on Sunday.  

I have been getting ready for the transfer by taking prenatal vitamins and doing the Delestrogen shots every 3rd day.  I also started my Progesterone shots on Sunday and those will continue EVERYDAY from now until around the 8th week of pregnancy.  For those of you keeping count at home, that's 1 shot of Delestrogen every 3rd day + 1 shot of Progesterone every day = two very bruised butt cheeks.

Rick, my husband asked the other day if  "irritability" was one of the side effects from the injections.  (That would be a no, that's just a side effect of being married with 3 kids 6, 4 and 18 months).  But I have had some side effects  . . . a little weight gain, bloating and one or two I won't mention for your sake.

Well, I need to go, it's shot time!


Urban Darling said...

just so you know, I have been told by more than ONE doctor that my uterus is pristine.

Deanna said...

Kelly, I think what you are doing is awesome. Keep up the good work. And just know that the shots are worth it becuase you are giving one lucky couple the chance to have their dream, a child, or two.