Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Game On!

I heard back today and it looks like I fly out Monday the 21st (after teaching) for a Tuesday, November 22nd (if they go 3 day) or Thanksgiving Day (if they go 5 day) Transfer.

Even though we ended up being 4 days later than the tentative schedule, I'll still be delivering in July or August, which is perfect if I get my new job. The EDD would be 8/11/12. My own kids came at 36, 37 and 38 weeks. My surro twins came at almost 39 weeks (I know, right?!) and 37 weeks.

I will be bringing my lucky green underwear and will be re-visiting my transfer blogs from the last two times, taking a stroll down
Memory Lane . . .

From my first transfer ever . . . . March 2008

Written at my last transfer February 2010

So here's to positive thinking and hoping for First Transfer Success. I am 2 for 2 so for . . . hoping we can let it ride!


Madgew said...

Well if enthusiasm is the main ingredient you are sure to get pregnant the first time again.

Madgew said...

How many embryos are they putting in?

Mike and Tony said...

I will be sending you tons of sticky baby dust!

Ashley said...

VERY good news!!!! So excited for you... and so happy it is all working out for everyone. Can't wait to read about it. Yay for being preggo very soon =)

Michael said...

Very funny 2010 posting. I loved it. I'll be thinking about your sticky uterus on Thanksgiving. Wait...that sounds bad. You know what I mean. Please don't sue me for sexual harassment.