Sunday, November 27, 2011

Transfer Time!

Sorry it's taken me a few days, but I've been busy with family since I returned from my embryo transfer.

So to make a long story short . . .

Monday 11/21- flew to LA after work. Met up with other Surros Misti and Stacie for dinner

Tuesday 11/22- Arrived at HRC Fertility and was told I would transfer on Thanksgiving day instead because embryos were looking good . . . 5 day transfer (instead of 3 day).

Skyped with my IPs (who couldn't be there with me).

Hung out with Stacie all day, including lunch with other Surrogate friends Andrea and Laura

Stacie and I tried to crash Growing Generations Offices' but we were too late, they had all left for the day. BOO!

Went to The Grove and found the perfect shade of red lipstick (that has been a goal for several years).

Wednesday 11/23- Hung out with Stacie in the morning. She gave me my shot (took several tries) before she flew back home.

That night, played with my new red lipstick

Thursday 11/24- Headed over to HRC early in the morning. Transferred one nice looking (but "slow growing") embryo into my welcoming uterus.

Here I am in the reflection of the window (can see the ultrasound machine, weanie wand and me half naked)

The Embryo!

The Embryo nestled into my lovely uterus (the white streak on the left)

I then went back to the hotel where I settled in for a full day of bedrest (more like "lazy time"). I spent my time grading Quizzes, Latex Projects and watching a marathon of The Twilight Zone and Friends Thanksgiving episodes. I was also able to Skype again with my IPs.

I also got this Good Luck Video from Natasha

Friday 11/25- Flew into the bay area to celebrate Thanksgiving with my family and hang out until Sunday, when we go to George and Sanj's to celebrate my Surrogirlies THIRD birthday!

****My Beta (blood test to determine pregnancy) happens on December 6th. Even though Dr. Kolb told me the embryo wasn't growing as fast as he'd like he assured me that the chances of a successful transfer are still good. I was a little nervous about his "slow growing" statements and of course only implanting one is an "all or nothing" scenario but I am staying positive.

It is now Sunday (very early) morning and I am having a few "boob issues". They have been a little tingly (usually my sign that I'm pregnant) and really heavy. We shall see . . .


Doug Rigg said...

good luck...sometimes an embryo that may not look so great turns out to be the one...and all it takes is one! Positive thoughts!

Anonymous said...

Since all your others worked on the first try and I am hoping this is the same. If not how many transfers to you see in you? Also, why just one slow growing embryo as opposed to waiting until they had a fast growing one or two? I am holding you in the light that the first one works. You are super surrogate.

braejuma said...

Good luck!!!! Will be waiting to hear the results!!!!

Mike and Tony said...

Sending tons of sticky vibes, we are super excited to read about this journey, with our little princess curled up in our arms... IF SHE EVER COMES OUT! HEE HEE!

Anonymous said...

Good Luck. I am sure that everything will go perfectly!

Jesse said...

Praying he/she sticks!!!

Chantelle said...

I'm new to the surro workd and I love your blog! Sending lots of sticky vibes your way...

Melissa said...

Natasha's video is wonderful!! You are awesome and I am ever so hopeful that little bean realizes just who he's hanging out in! Xo

Jen said...

Today is 5 days past 5 day transfer... Are you going to poas?