Thursday, January 27, 2011

An Open Letter to Harps

Regarding a store in Arkansas, Click here for a link to the story.

Dear Harps,

Are you kidding me? Why in the hell are you using the "Family Shield" on your US Weekly magazine this week? Are you trying to protect my children from seeing what LOVE looks like? Are you trying to protect them from what a FAMILY looks like? I assure you, my kids are well aware that two men can have a baby together. So you aren't protecting them from anything. You are just coming off as another Homophobic business.

I don't usually buy US Weekly, but I bought this issue for the SOLE purpose of sharing it with my 4, 7 and 9 year old children . . . to use it as a teachable moment about what a FAMILY can look like and of course, about Surrogacy and giving. Not to mention, how do I know that my kids are going to be straight? I like to share images of couples together, regardless of gender, so that once they figure out who they are and who they're attracted to, they will have seen that there are possibilities and it's not always just one way. That they won't go through their lives thinking one way is "better" than the other or that there is only one way to be.

So, NO THANK YOU. My family doesn't need you to protect us from this. And for the customers who complained, how about you tell them, "It is 2011", because it seems to me they think it's 1951 and maybe give them the number to PFLAG, in case their kids come out later. With views like that, if they end up being gay, those kids are going to need all the support that can find.

Glad that I shop at Safeway,

Kelly Rummelhart

I will post about the article too, but maybe later. Figure I might as well since I bought it.


Anonymous said...

Right on Kelly.

Ronnie said...

can i get an "amen"? AMEN!

Kat Bryant said...

Way to go, Kelly. I do not understand how anyone in their right minds could consider the cover to be offensive. They are two wonderful people with a brand new baby that they wanted to introduce to the world. What could be so harmful in that?

Kelly, thanks for all you do for the GLBT community. You are a Godsend!