Friday, January 21, 2011

Has My Uterus Has Been Snubbed?

I think my Uterus has been snubbed but I have decided not to take it personally. Instead I'm going to investigate.

It all started this morning when I got my copy of EW magazine. There is a great article/cover on Gay Teens on TV. It got me thinking about the presence of the GLBT community in the media in general, which then got me thinking about the GLAAD Media Awards . . . which then got me wondering . . . How in the HELL has my uterus never won a GLAAD award? Sure, sure, someone needs to submit an entry on my uterus' behalf, which I guess, is the problem.

You know me, you know my uterus. It is strong, passionate and able to carry multiple babies at one time! It is a Super Hero of sorts. (A future post will discuss it's powers . . . complete with its Rainbow Cape!)

So, 2 sets of twins in 2 years for 2 different Gay Couples! My followers, friends and surrogate agency, Growing Generations, know that my Uterus, up to this point, has been pretty exclusive . . . being Gay has been a pre-requisite. A few people have considered my Uterus to be a bit Homosexist, some may venture to say Heterophobic!

Hell! If I decide to do a third journey, and you're straight & looking to use me as a surrogate, I've decided on the following criteria . . . because "Having a gay friend will not cut it".

You must have/be at least 3 of the following (if you're straight):

* Posed for the NOH8 campaign

* Worked along side several GLBT people for an extended amount of time

* Been Cast in RENT ( Maureen or Collins gets extra points)

* Your Name is Kathy Griffin or Margaret Cho

* You know what the letters in HRC, GLAAD, GLSEN, and PFLAG stand for

* You have donated time or money to The Trevor Project

* Created your own It Gets Better Video

* YOU have 2 Dads or Moms

* Have The Next Family, After Elton or Greg in Hollywood bookmarked on your computer.

Some of you may think I'm not being serious, but you know what, I kind of am. I entered the realm of Surrogacy in October of 2007 and started my blog March of 2008. I have fought for "Gay Rights" since the early 90's and am not going to stop now. So, I think it's okay to be a bit picky about who I decide to help.

After all, it's my body and I can do whatever I want with it . . . I just think holding a GLAAD award would totally bring out my uterus.


Anonymous said...

Loved this Kelly.

Anonymous said...

you rock girl! love your support for the LGBT community and i support your criteria! i'm hoping you find another gay couple if you do have a third journey...i just dig your support so much.
A gay IF that LOVES you but never met you!

Mommy with Many Gifts said...

Soooo... does this mean you are going for a 3rd journey?!? I think it would be AWESOME to be a surrogate for a lesbian couple (but, what are the chances of them needing a 3rd uterus??). After being a surro for a gay couple, I completely understand your views. And yes, you can do whatever you want with that super uterus!!

Krystal said...

Cute post! I think all surros deserve some type of an award! :-)

Anonymous said...

I have read through many of your posts, and while I admire what you are doing for certainly spend a lot of time patting yourself on the back...over and over again!


Kelly & Her Uterus said...


I use this thing called "Humor" in my blog, perhaps you've heard of it?

When I write MY blog I try to give kuddos to Surrogates out there who are putting their lives on hold (and on the line) to help others create life. Sometimes I do this by showing how extraordinary my uterus is (my uterus=their uterus).

If you can't handle me being proud of being a surrogate than you should follow a different blog because you're really going to hate the blog I write when my custom ordered Uterus Plush comes in!

If you decide to hang around and listen to me brag "over and over again", I hope you can lighten up and have fun with it.

Or better yet, maybe you can sign up and become a surrogate, start a blog and NEVER thank yourself for being awesome, amazing, and life giving journey . . . or is your uterus not as beautiful as mine? . . . SEE, THERE'S THAT HUMOR AGAIN! WHAT SHOULD I DO WITH MYSELF?!

Kristibella said...

Kelly, thanks so much for what you have done to create living families! I am a mom a 2nd time with the help of our AMAZING surro, my hubby and I are a little sweet on you gals. You got a top-of-the-line uterus, I got a clunker ;-D But surrogacy leveled that playing field and changed our lives for the better!! (And I'm sorry to point out in your recent post that you mention GLADD...when its really GLAAD, but I'm sure you know that)

Kelly & Her Uterus said...


Whoa! Thanks for pointing it out. I usually come back several times and edit as I find things, I can't believe I've read it 20 times and didn't even notice- LOL!

Big hugs to you and your family, and Kandra too, of course!!!

Kristibella said...

Lol, my post was supposed to say 'LOVING families' not living families..that's a tad creepy! Damn autocorrect!

PretaniVirago said...

As one half of a lesbian couple currently scheduled to get her surro knocked up in two days I'd like to say a hearty 'Thanks!' for your above-and-beyond support of non-traditional families. And my (str8) sister would like to be awarded points for having 'After Ellen' bookmarked but that she's good on the baby front, thanks. :P