Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Three Months Has Flown By!

Guess What? Three months ago I gave birth to the Wonder Twins. Can you believe that? What I can't believe is that I still haven't posted pictures. I haven't shared my pictures of Harper and Gideon because parts of my journey, was and continues to be, just for us. I have to be totally honest and tell you it is hard to go from being so open about everything to keeping some things private . . . but I get it and will kindly oblige. If George and Sanj had asked me to not post pictures or not share our memories, I would've gladly followed their wishes as well. Now, with that being said, I figure pictures that the Neil and David share on television (not pictures that the media snaps without consent) are "up for grabs", so I might as well post them here too so my readers can see how big and beautiful my surro babies are getting.

So, here are a few pictures that Neil shared when he co-hosted Live! with Regis and Kelly this last week. I especially love the fact that over half of the pictures had items (outfits & hats) that I gave them. Yay Babies! Here is a picture that someone put online of the 5 pictures. However, they aren't as clear as they were on TV. I do have my own (clear) copies of some of the pictures shared, but would feel weird putting those up. I know it sounds stupid since they are the same but these ones Neil actually shared.


If you want, you can watch the opening of the show HERE. FYI- at 3:51 is when the pictures are shown . . . again, they are bigger and more clear on the video, not to mention you get to enjoy Kelly and Neil's comedy.

Now, I can't just show off one set of twins . . . . . Here are Natasha and Anjali shopping with Appah (Sanj) at Trader Joes last weekend. LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! (wait for it, it takes a little time to load I guess)

After their second birthday, the girls traded in their binkies for bike helmets! Apparently, they LOVE them and like to wear them all the time . . . while playing, sleeping, bathing and eating :)
Who says you have to be riding a bike to be rockin' a bike helmet?!


Clara said...

You do give birth to wonderful babies! So adorable!

I have silently been following your blog for a while, because I'm someone, who's in a similar situation right now with one of my IPs being famous – so I can relate of wanting to share those amazing moments yet not being allowed to.

But I get it. I've been following the press on your IPs along with your blog, and it scares me how quickly they are being judged for not "acting appropriately", and how the press will start rumors based on such little things as "missing" PDA. I don't want to know how those evil-minded people would abuse any information on their children. It makes me just so sad and anxious about my own journey.

But seeing how you are dealing with this gives me hope and strength, so thank you for being amazing!

AnGèLe said...

LOVE IT! Amazing! They are all getting so big!! Love the bike helmets! hehe!!

Anonymous said...


Kelly & Her Uterus said...

@Clara- I'm bummed we can't talk because it makes all the difference. There is one person I know in a similar situation and we have discussed things and shared experiences that are very similar.

I've thought about telling GG, my agency, if anyone else does this, send them my way so I can give them some advice on how to keep the secret without going insane.

It is sad that I can't just email you and discuss things . . . that I'm so paranoid that you may be a reporter, etc. How horrible is that? That part just plain sucks. Even now, after I've delivered, I watch what I say or post because I don't want it to blow up in my face. Sad but True :(

Clara said...

@Kelly: Oh, I can totally relate. Actually, I'm not giving out my address anyway and go to places like this as anonymously as possible, because I am already paranoid myself.

I hope for you, and partially for myself, that it will get better eventually. At some later point, the media won't be so interested in our part of the stories anymore anyway, right?

*ChRiStInA* said...

Your surro twins ( Both Sets) are so cute :) Congrats on sucha wonderful job

Krystal said...

Helping you reach your 200 :-) Very cute surro babes! Can't wait to be able to post my own surro pics!

Kelly & Her Uterus said...

@Clara- Given birth yet?

When you do email me
I thought of you today ;) Not sure if it was you or not.