Thursday, August 26, 2010

These are a few of my favorite things . . .

I was day dreaming the other day and The Sound of Music came in my mind, so I figured I'd do a little post . . . minus the " . . . Cream colored ponies and crisp apple strudels . . "

These are few of my favorite things, about Surrogacy

* Reading the Profile of the Intended Parents . . . how they met, describing each other (for George and Sanj I loved reading about their wedding!)

* Having a great Match Meeting- you leave just knowing this is the Couple you're going to help turn into a Family.

* The Excitement when your meds arrive . . . something is finally happening!

* Telling the IPs that you're pregnant . . . and that your "high number" may mean twins! (I'm 2 for 2 on this one!)

* Witnessing the IPs hear the heart beat or see their embryos/fetus' on the ultrasound for the first time.

* Being able to Blog about my experiences.

* Seeing how excited your Intended Parents are . . . and how nervous they get as you approach the due date.

* Finding out what the genders are . . . hearing the Ultrasound Tech now call them the IP's son(s) or daughter(s) . . .

* Meeting Other Surrogates who "totally get it" (Thank you Facebook and other Blogs!)

* Feeling that you are making a difference in several people's lives. including your own.

* Seeing people's reactions when I tell them I'm a surrogate- and the conversation that follows.

* Having the IPs meet and spend time with my kids- that way they get to know me better and also my kids can see, first hand, that two men can love each other and have a family if they wish.

* Being able to educate people on Surrogacy (answering questions, blogging, etc.)

* Babies!!!!

* The look on the Parent's faces in the delivery room as their child/children make their entrance.

* The tears shed by the grandma and other family members moments and days past the birth . . . including the hugs and thank you's for helping make their sons the parents they deserve to be.

* Having my kids meet the babies in the hospital . . . a great lesson on giving and what makes a family. Plus, Ruby loves holding babies! :)

* Being able to go home and not raise additional kids :) - i.e. wake up for feedings, changing diapers, etc.

* Getting email and phone call updates on how things are going, including pictures and visiting my surro- families . . . . whether it be for days, weeks, months or years.

* Knowing that even after the birth, we will always be a part of each other lives, even if just by a memory of the wonderful and exciting year (or more) that we grew a family.


Brandy said...

OMG, I could have written the exact same list!! Being a surro is an amazing experience. I feel privileged to help others in such an extraordinary way. I always thought that I would do it only once but after the amazing birth of my first surrobaby, I just had to do it again. Now I am on my third and final (most likely) journey. It really is an awesome ride. :)

Amy @ Six Flower Mom said...

I love your list! I agree! I am just starting my 2nd journey and I am so excited!

Christina said...

Im on my first and just got my meds the other the begining and so excited for the intended father!!!

Andrea said...

Hi there! I just recently came across your blog and I am hooked! I am in the beginning stages of becoming a surrogate--Just waiting to be chosen :) Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Looking forward to getting to know you.

Missy Bowyer said...

I have my ultra sound in the morning and fingers crossed we will know when we leave just who these 2 little people are:) Loved your list and can't wait to get to the delivery room/grandmas crying/no-sleep deprivation part! Thanks for sharing...Oh and Angele just told me who your IF'S were..Super cool but was it alot of pressure?

Kelly & Her Uterus said...

@Missy- No it was great. My agency did a good job matching me both times with father's I'd totally get along with. All four were amazing. I've really lucked out.

It's just a bummer not being able to share pictures and blog specifics because regardless of who they are, the journey was awesome.