Sunday, November 30, 2008

My Kids Hospital Visit . . . a.k.a. Chaos in Room 360

The day after the girls arrived my mother, husband and 3 kids drove to Sacramento to visit me in the hospital and meet Natasha and Anjali. Sanj and Menaka were hanging out with the girls in my room right before my family came in. I told them that my kids would be walking in at any minute and it was about to get really noisy.

They arrived and for the next hour I was reminded why women recover at the hospital after a c-section without their kids. Don't get me wrong, I loved seeing them and I thought it was important for them to meet the girls and most importantly to see them in their dads' arms. My kids have known Sanj and George for about a year and Ruby and Preston have been very aware of the entire process of their mommy being a surrogate. Back to the chaos-

We were sitting in the room when all of a sudden the ground started to shake . . . loud voices went from muffles to screams . . . a nurse ran down the hall shouting something about a stampede heading our way . . . JUST KIDDING- my kids walked in on their best behavior (that lasted about 5 minutes). They immediately saw the babies in their isolates and went ga-ga over them. Preston was trying to hug and touch them, Ruby was smiling from ear to ear, and Sawyer had no clue where he was, what was happening and why I was there. His little eyes were wide, looking all around and you could tell he was wondering what in the heck was going on- then, he saw them . . . "Babies" he said. Rick picked him up and showed him the girls.

Everyone came over and gathered around my bed. I got hugs and kisses and we talked about the babies a little bit. Menaka held Anjali and I held Natasha so my kids could see the babies up close.


Preston, my little love bug, would rest his head on them (giving them hugs) and Ruby asked if she could hold them. She sat on the end of my bed and I handed her Tasha to hold. She just sat their for a while staring at her and loving her. She was very excited to be able to finally hold one, since she had been feeling my belly for their movements for the last few months.


The funniest part of the day was Sawyer's reaction when I fed one of the babies. I was giving Anjali some colostrum and Sawyer was not happy about it. He climbed up and sat on his dad's lap, across from me. He stuck his chin up and his bottom lip out and proceeded to stare us down. You could just imagine what he was saying in his mind . . . "Don't get to comfortable baby, that's my mommy" or "Put the Boob down and no one gets hurt" . . .

For the rest of the visit my kids were bouncing off the walls, couch, chairs, etc. It was time for them to go before I made sure every woman on my floor decided against having more kids in the future. I gave them all hugs and kisses and told them I'd see them in a few days. Rick, seeing that I was a little stressed over their behavior (and my physical inability to deal with it myself) thought he'd be funny and ask if I wanted them to come back tomorrow. "No, Thank You" I said. In my mind I was freaking out thinking in 2 days I'd be back home, still physically unable to "control" my children if they decided to take advantage of mommy's "condition". Luckily, my mother is sticking around until Friday to help out since Rick's mom is now unable to help out as planned because of a family emergency. (My poor mother, I swear, she'll be back home by at least New Year's).


Katherine said...

Kelly, your blog is so touching and funny - what a gift it will be to the girls as they grow older, to be able to read about your experiences while you were pregnant with them.

I've known George for almost 20 years, and Sanj since (wonderfully!) the two met. I am so, so happy that these two fantastic people finally have the family they have been waiting for for so long, thanks to your kindness. The girls are going to grow up with so much love and with dedicated, amazing parents, after being brought into the world by a dedicated, amazing woman. What a great start to life, and what a great gift you've given everyone!

Annie said...

Congratz Kelly! I was one of your students from ARC and I tried to keep up with you from these blogs... I was "betting" Nov.14 same as my birthday but, the girls have their own plans =)

I'm so happy for you and your family... Ruby is a gem, no pun intended, hahaa! All kids and babies are just wonderful! Congratulations!!!


Sadie said...

I have a very odd request...I am doing a research paper on becoming a surrogate mother (I am a student of Professor Logan's at ARC) and I came across your story. I would love to talk with you, however would be best for you, if at all possible. I am to interview once source and I am so drawn to you...I think mostly because of your blogs. It is scary how disgustingly similar we are, right down to the pooping on Nurse Evil! Lol. Anyway, I am not sure you would be up to this as I know you just had the babies, but if you are please contact me and we will go from there.
My email is I can give you my number too, if you would prefer that, just let me know.
Take care and I hope you are feeling better! And Congratulations…You did it!
Sadie Burkhead