Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Back to School brings back memories!

My kids go back to school in a few weeks, so we've been procrastinating the event that is Back to School shopping. Don't get me wrong, I actually like shopping for school supplies . . . that is once it's all bought and at home. Even though it's been about 18 years since I graduated high school and about 11 years since getting my Masters, I still love seeing pens, pencils, binders, protractors all lined up. It takes me back to when I was in school. I got to relive this for the five years I used to teach high school (before Ruby was born) . . . buying stuff for my classroom, decorating it, figuring out seating charts, etc. Ohhhhhh, I get excited just typing about it. And believe it or not, there's a certain part of Surrogacy that makes me feel the same way . . .

Getting your Meds! Of course I hate taking all the injections, I'm not big on shots at all. Remember back to my first time? But there is a certain excitement you get when your FedEx box full of needles, hormones, alcohol swabs, band aids, etc. arrives. It's a lot like Back to School Shopping. Years ago, I'd take all my stuff out and lay it out in front of me. I'd anxiously unwrap everything and take the price tags off. Put all the school supplies in my new back pack- ahhhh so fun! I'm sure you can see the organization of the 12+ weeks of shots is very similar!

I remember in my first journey, I had my Meds shipped to my work (it had to be signed for) and couldn't wait to get home that night. I tore open my box and layed it all out on the table. Separated everything, made sure to read all the directions and proceeded to organize it by bag. By my second journey I had happened upon another surrogates blog and she had a picture of how she organized her Meds. I LOVED IT! I knew that was exactly what I was going to do the next time around. It was organized and even better I could daydream about getting my Meds . . . laying them out . . . and then putting them in my brand new organizer. I'm almost getting goosebumps reliving it all now! LOL

Well, here it is . . . a Surrogates "Back to School" Shopping if you will

All of my Surrogate readers are going to relate, I'm sure. The rest of you, just take my word for it. I know that when any of my Facebook Surrogate friends mentions her Meds arrived, there seems to be quite the celebration and remembrance by the rest of us. Sure, part of it is the Back to School organization fun but the other is the excitement of your journey really getting started. It could have been weeks or even months since you applied to be a surrogate, got screened, got matched, etc . . . but your Meds arriving really shows that soon, you will be helping create a family . . . and that is WAY COOLER than a bunch of graph paper, pencil sharpeners and high lighters!


Heidi said...

I am obsessed with organizing "stuff"...I know it's crazy, but I completely relate. I guess there are worse things to be obsessed with right? Love what you've done with the meds!

Brandy said...

I am a total fruitcake when it comes to organizing my meds too! I love getting the box and separating everything into organizers. I am going to try to do them like you did this time around. That looks cool!