Sunday, September 21, 2008

Halloween is right around the corner-

The kids and I have been talking halloween costumes lately. I tend not to buy anything until about mid October because my kids change their minds so often on what they want to be . . . or they don't see my vision of matching costumes . . . oh wait, here we go!

Anyway, our cousins have this huge halloween party but since they live about 3 hours away, we won't be able to go. Part of my contract states that I can't travel a certain amount of miles away from the OB/Hospital once I start my third trimester. However, I still want to use my costume idea for this year. As of today (it may change) Rick and I have decided to play up the pregnant belly and we're going to be Bristol Palin and Levi for Halloween. I figure we can make a mullet and Hockey Jersey (with a W) for Rick and I may make some sort of McCain/Palin shirt for me. (Quick Disclaimer, if you can't tell my views already, I don't have one of these shirts just laying around) Maybe I'll make a Palin for Sex Education shirt instead, hmmmm, I'll have to think about that one.

There are not a lot of great choices for costumes when you're pregnant, that's for sure. Another option is painting your belly. I still have some time . . . who knows? I may not be in the mood or shape to try to dress up for Halloween. I may be the lady you hear about that sits at her door and throws candy at the kids- we'll see how I'm feeling.

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Jen said...

Brilliant! I love the Bristol/Levi costume idea!!! Just brilliant. :) I can't wait to see a pic of you guys all dressed up.