Tuesday, September 2, 2008

25 week Belly Picture

So I cropped the picture to remove strangers, get rid of the weird look on my face, and zoom in on the belly so it looks bigger . . . and Voila! a 25 week pregnant with twins belly picture. I'm wearing a tighter, non-maternity tank top so it's showing everything, I look pregnant and not just fat now. If you don't agree, be advised that I now have the cluster map so I can hunt you down . Sure, it only shows a "rough estimate" of where you are, Canada, Egypt, Australia, Texas . . . but I will find you and make you delete your fat comment. You've been warned! :)

It is funny though how people's perspective's are very different. Most people, including my friends who've been pregnant before or have seen me pregnant with my own in the past thought I'd be a lot bigger by now and/or think I look great for 25 weeks. I usually wear baggy tops, to hide the "left overs" from my last 3 pregnancies, so a lot of people have just started to notice that I'm pregnant. Others think I look big already. For those people, you haven't seen anything yet! :) ha!

I have been noticing that it's getting tougher to do things . . . get up from the couch, walk around for a while, and put on shorts or skirts, etc. The OB has told me that I should stop exercising, walking my kids to school, etc. That I should just do what needs to be done and not over exert myself. Usually I'd laugh and think yeah right, but carrying twins is different than my previous pregnancies, not to mention that the girls aren't mine, so I think I'll follow the directions this time around. I think I was 7 months pregnant with Sawyer when I was hauling bark cover from the front of the house to the back in a wheel barrel. I also have been known to camp and river raft at about 30 weeks . . . so you can see where this is going to be very different than my previous pregnancies.

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Deanna said...

Your tummy looks beautiful!! I am sure those baby girls are doing great inside that belly. Keep up the good work.