Monday, October 14, 2013

Look who just turned THREE!

Due on Halloween and arriving a few weeks early . . . .  here they are three years later at their birthday party.

Surrogacy is awesome.  To help a couple become a family is truly amazing.  They have gotten so big and their voices are just the sweetest ever.  From embryo's to three in the blink of an eye.

Sorry I can't share more pictures . . . only what's available online.  However, I am so excited that I get to follow privately on instagram, so I can see pics of them all the time.  That is the reward for me, seeing all my Surro babes loving life with their dads'.


Krystal said...

They are adorable! Happy 3rd b-day, little ones!

Anonymous said...

Such a great adventure and so happy you are still in contact.

Michael said...

Oh...I never realized until just now who you carried for. I joked on my blog that I was the next NPH and that he should be in my movie/musical/mini-series about my life as a gay man having twins before he announced HE was having twins. It was funny how it all worked out. I even wrote to his agent to see if he would comment on my blog. No such luck, but I'm glad I know the surrogate. You did all the hard work making those beautiful kids. :-)

Anonymous said...

I live in NY and am trying to find information about getting a surrogate.. and feel quite lost. Would you be able to suggest a good place to start? I see surrogate agencies online, but how do we know we will find a good one? And I hear about going through lawyers.. not even sure what to do. Anything you can suggest would be so appreciated. thank you

Lisa researching surrogate parenting said...

This is such an interesting topic to me and I'm really enjoying your blog. Thanks for sharing your journey!