Monday, October 14, 2013

Kelly's Other Blog Posts at The Next Family

Several people have asked me about my blog posts at The Next Family.  So thought I'd give you some links, since they are not all together.  I have blogged under Kelly Rummelhart for Surrogacy and Kelly for Divorce, Coming out, wedding stuff, etc.

Kelly's posts:

Coming Out, etc.:

Marriage Equality/Wedding Stuff:

Divorce, etc:

All of my Surrogacy posts for TNF can be found here:
(Keep going to "Next Page" at bottom left and you'll eventually see them all)


Susanna Fraass said...

Hi Kelly, I'm thinking about becoming a surrogate. Do you have any resources to suggest for information? (Or would you be willing to talk/email with me?) I've really enjoyed reading through your blog. Thanks!

Susanna Fraass said...

Not sure if my first comment went through--sorry if this is a double post! I'm considering surrogacy (being a carrier, that is) and would like to talk.

ka. said...

hi! I'm really interst in those subject. Can I ask you some questions? How do you life after childbirth? Didn't you feel too much lonley?
I'm think that you are amazing person.